Thursday, August 28, 2008

David Cook: the kindhearted "smug"

With all the press on Kara DioGuardi joining American Idol Season 8 as judge (Yes, never heard of her either; she's reportedly a Grammy-nominated songwriter or something), I Googled Season 7 winner David Cook to check on what's happening with him lately and stumbled upon a blog by Chris Sligh, a Season 6 hopeful telling a story on how a really nice guy DC is.

Fellow AI alum Luke Menard, who's stricken with cancer, recently held a fund-raising concert to help pay for his medical bills. DC sent a signed guitar to be sold at an auction.
And when the show was to start, he called up Luke to tell the audience that he would match the amount the guitar would sell for. Now that's the idol I was rooting for since the Top 24 were announced.

Yeah, you might shrug it off as nothing but I believe DC's intentions were genuine, and that he really IS a nice guy underneath that seemingly smug persona. Besides, heard of any fellow contestant reach out?

Click here to read Chris's entire post.

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