Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What's next for Michael Phelps?

So the "American Superfish" succeeded in his quest for eight Olympic golds in Beijing. Never mind that his 7th almost slipped away. I really thought he didn't win that one until I saw it flashed on TV that he got it. And I was laughing my heart out during the slow-mo replays. I just thought that his long arms (He acknowledged this in Vogue's April 2008 issue) saved him.

I must admire the guy. To win alone was immense pressure already. Yet he decided to put even more of it by announcing his quest to break Mark Spitz's record of 7 golds in a single Olympics. I just wonder what if he didn't make it? Would he be launching another bid in London?

For now I expect a gazillion magazine covers, guestings, interviews, multi-million dollar endorsements and God-knows-what. But breaking more records - probably even his own - remains to be seen. For now, I'm just happy for him. He seems a genuinely nice guy, and I hope he remains that way.

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