Friday, September 12, 2008

Another vintage gem

As I've previously written, MBK has been surprising me with stuff when it's not yet my birthday. Apart from the "Gayfit" tank tops, she bought me a vintage wrist watch from eBay. It's a Bulova automatic. She was supposed to give it to me on my birthday but the package came much earlier than expected and she just couldn't contain her excitement. So she handed it to me.

I must say I'm not used to gold watches but I like this one. Maybe because it's not completely gold, just touches of it. It's also smaller than my usual. When MBK first saw it she told me she was worried that it was too small, but it was just fine. Besides, GQ has long been advising against huge timepieces with dressy outfits, so this one should be just fine.

The one thing that I wasn't really accustomed to was an automatic watch. Unlike my battery-operated staples, this one had to be reset to the proper time (and date) before wearing, especially after being left idle for some time. But it didn't seem to matter as I've been wearing it a lot already.

Thanks, MBK! I wonder what's arriving next in the mail for me.

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