Friday, November 7, 2008

As The Joker on Halloween

I have never, ever in my entire life dress up for Halloween.  And after 31 freakin' years, I finally did - as The Joker!  To top it off, I did it at the office!

Yes, I so loved the late Heath Ledger's character in The Dark Knight that even after months following the movie's release, I was still so obsessed about the character that I had the balls to dress up as him.  At the office.

How did I fare?  Strictly speaking, it wasn't really close to the original - the hair, the makeup, the scars, etc.  But for the sake of fun, it was okay.  In fact, it was a blast.  Kids were scared of me (even some adults), everyone wanted to have their photo with me taken... I mean, common, that was Hollywood and this was just me and MBK.  Why so serious?

But just to explain why of all places I did it at the office, our department had this little Halloween contest.  We decorated our cluster of cubicles into whatever it was that we fancied.  We did Gotham, of course.

Now, 25% of the criteria was costume.  I just loved the idea that I finally had the excuse to be The Joker.  When the film was first shown, I was so obsessed with Dark Knight that for a week or two I kept on doing impressions of Ledger's character.  And finally, the chance to dress up!  I was just so thrilled about it!  So I made the most of it.

Crazy?  Maybe.  And yes I understand what you might be thinking but I don't care.

And by the way, we won.

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