Friday, November 7, 2008

McCain's gracious concession

Obama won.  The tendency, of course, was for the media to focus on his acceptance speech.  Some people at the office watched him on CNN and were so wowed by the new President-elect.  Within the same day, I even received a transcript of his speech.  Even if it was against my nature to shun long non-work-related emails, I read it.

I thought Obama's speechwriter was really, really very good.  Let's get real.  It wasn't the half-black guy but the writer!  Yes, Obama has charisma.  His delivery, however, needed a few improvements.  For one, he sounded monotonous and kept on bombarding and bombarding.  He needs to develop on his inflection more, I tell you. But then, who am I?  He's the new President of the US of A!  Screw me!

Now let's look at the other side - poor ol' man John McCain.  He had to deliver a speech that was a lot more difficult to deliver than Obama's.  Accepting defeat, that's hard.  I watched him on TV and found it classy and gracious of the old man.

Some say he didn't mean a thing he said but the image he projected - hushing the booing and hissing crowd at the mere mention of "Obama" (like it were Lord Voldemort's name) - that was great.  I felt sorry for him.  I don't necessarily like him.  I just pitied the old guy.  If only he acted that way during the campaign, we would have probably seen a different result (either he won or lost by a very slim margin).  If only he hadn't been that angry and frustrated-looking candidate during the campaign...

His acknowledgement of the special pride of African-Americans, his call to support the new President, etc. - that were probably the speechwriter's.  But the delivery was all McCain's.

Palin, however, was another story.  But never mind.

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