Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daily Doodle 2011

Daily Doodle, I've decided, is another of my year-long projects for 2011, just like Project Look Book. It's basically filling up this thing:


It's a daily calendar by Japanese illustrator Taro Gomi that My Bibe bought from Amazon.


It's got 365 pages with some illustrations already in it, but which are left for you to complete by exercising your creativity in answering a question or following an instruction printed at the top left corner of each page.


I love the imperfect illustrations, devoid of any imposing attitude. They convey a sense of light-heartedness that encourage you to just be creative and have fun, that your doodles don't have to be perfect at all.


So this is my task, to fill up every single page for every single day of 2011, take a photo, then post. A little caveat, though: since we only got the calendar in the middle of January, I played catch-up and ante-dated some posts.

(Try the "Daily Doodle" navitab to view all doodles.)

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