Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Been toying with brightness and contrast with this photo of japanese paper being ripped off from our cubicle in the office. Made them look like ghosts.

I used lots of them to decorate our area for Christmas last year. Yep, we finally took down our decorations last Monday. Our cubicle used to look like this:


We basically set up LED lights then covered the panels with japanese paper to diffuse the glare.


I used blue LED for the base part and white on top.


I plastered photos in an anti-symmetrical pattern on the panels. The japanese paper that were meant to frame them also gave the photos an embedded look.


Here's my 3-foot tall tree given loads for it to handle. The blue poinsettia, balls, silver twigs, and LED lights we used at home for the last two years. They're far more expensive than the tree (which only cost Php 99.75 if my memory serves me right).


The overall feel was cool and uplifting.


Don't worry, this tree has been handling similar loads since 2007. Pics to prove it after the jump.


The browned-tipped green poinsettia and accompanying decor were also used at home the previous year. We like to change themes yearly. Also had these white poinsettia for years; decided to make a floral arrangement out of them for Batman.


I practically used the same set of decor for 2008 except that  I incorporated the white poinsettia into the tree this time.


My Bibe's area is a different story. I always make sure it's a bang! (Related post to follow.)


  1. wuyy, im sure gonna miss your well-decorated area. mon and aimee's area's gonna have those hanging stars all-year round daw!

  2. had to let go. our area's, like, barren right now but we kinda like the clean feel to it. but that makes christmas decorating special. so i'm looking forward to another season with another theme.


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