Monday, February 28, 2011

[Project Look Book] Monday, Feb. 28, 2011

Just when I prepared myself for dusting off my area (because of this) with this getup, it wasn't dusty at all! The too-casual-for-a-Monday look didn't serve any purpose at all. Oh well.



Seersucker short-sleeved shirt (Zara); trousers (The Ramp); brown leather lace-ups (Aldo); watch (Timex).

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 28, 2011

02 28a

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Friday, February 25, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, Feb. 25, 2011

So it's the EDSA Revolution's silver jubilee today. I expected a lot of yellow but alas, a lot of people in the office were clad in black! Just like me.


Okay, I feel kinda like Darth Maul or Darth Vader (before the mask) in that pic. Been playing with the extra fabric. But this is what I really looked like for the most part of the day at the office:

See the contrasting personalities? I look so tame there. Very much like a good boy. The shirt is Black Asuka that I got from sometime last year. What I love about it, apart from the draping in front, is that long stretch of fabric sewn from the shoulders. This is what it looks like if you just let it all hang there:

But what to do with it? Play with it, of course! Here's me like I was doing some magic tricks:

And whatever else I was thinking:

Paired it with Topman jeans and my favorite shining, shimmering silver sneakers from Zara. Watch from Aldo. Back to the shirt, that extra fabric sure is a lot of fun. You can twist it and put it over your head like this:

Or this:

Or ditch the twisting and just let it rest on your neck:

Or make a hoodie out of it:

The possibilities are limitless! (Okay, that might be an overstatement.) Happy weekend anyway!

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 25, 2011

02 25a

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Project Look Book] Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011

Pretty much a casual vibe today. Got to wear these trousers after a really long time. I remember getting them more than six years ago from U at Rustan's Makati. Yep, they've been with me even before My Bibe and I got together. And you might wonder how I've managed to fit in them considering the weight that I've put on over the years. It's stretch fabric, that's why.


I love the details on the pocket. They add some flair to what could have simply been boring brown pants. There's also a zipper on each side that serve no purpose at all. If you slide it down you'll see nothing but skin underneath.


Knit pullover (Topman); shoes (Frank at Traffic).


GQ's March issue already went into wide release in the States last Feb. 22. So I expect it to be here already as well, or maybe towards the end of the week. Channing Tatum's on the cover (his second). And yeah, after pretty much enjoying every bit of it, Billy Ray Cyrus is complaining about Hannah Montana destroying his family. But I'm actually excited what the feature on South Park's creators are all about.

gq_2011 03

Problem is, I haven't even finished reading last month's issue yet:

And of the month before that:

And even before that. What usually are left behind are the magazine's lengthy articles, investigative and profiles alike. They're really good articles, I tell you, and I love reading them. But when I decide to start reading one, that means I gotta have time to spare. And so the backlog has piled up. Hopefully I clear some of them off over the weekend.

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 24, 2011

02 24a

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[Project Look Book] Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011

In the mood for some wild print today.


The shirt is Martin Box and I got it at Prima Linea in Greenbelt 3. I love that store and hate it at the same time because whenever I go in, I'm always sure I'll end up buying something. Or some things.

Paired it with chinos from Bench, and one of my fave shoes from Zara, which I just wore last week. Frames from Kenneth Cole.

Personal space

Watching Glee, I get used to scenes where I see lockers all the time, be it where students are slammed against by Sue Sylvester when she's on a rampage along the corridors, or Rachel Berry opening hers to look at photos and fantasize about her grand delusions of stardom.

But when I was in high school, I don't remember having one. Students had to carry all their stuff (bags, books, notebooks) with them all the time, which was such a burden. Our school was run by nuns so they probably wanted students to suffer in atonement for their sins, or to force them to stay inside the classroom at all times, something like that. I don't know of other schools, though.

I think a locker serves as a student's own personal space, where he can take refuge - even momentarily - from all the commotion around. In college, I recall there were metal lockers but they weren't for everybody. You had to rent one if you wanted one. As for me, didn't bother since I hardly brought anything with me to school anyway.

Today I sometimes wish we also had employee lockers in the office if only to lessen the amount of clutter I see, of which I also am guilty. Case in point, I have several jackets on my chair's back rest right now. I also have a lot of other stuff but since office space is a precious luxury, we manage to improvise with these:

rszfiling cabinets

Filing cabinets! Sweet!

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 23, 2011

02 23a

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Via taste test

I wrote last Monday that my officemate, Gay, gifted me with four sticks of Starbucks Via (see here), and that I would be posting something after I've tried them all.


So here's the order in which they were consumed and my thoughts about each. A general note, though: in all four instances, I added creamer and a little more sugar to suit my taste. I like my coffee creamy, that's why. While flavored, this batch of Via was black. 3-in-1 - probably - but the third was not creamer but the flavoring.

Remember deep wells?

Remember in the 80's when deep well pumps were the norm? I remember us having one in ParaƱaque because NAWASA's service back then was just lousy. At least it's not a problem anymore for me with Manila Water. In the province, though, this used to be commonplace:

I realized I haven't seen one in a very long time. Oh well, water pumps have since evolved. Widely available, water pumps like Flotec pumps are even sold online. At least they can help you have a decent shower, then a shave perhaps with your Gillette Mach3. I can't imagine being deprived of a shower after, say, a 25km marathon. That would suck.

Speaking of marathons, I know they're pretty much in vogue at the moment but I don't run. I mean, I can't per doctor's orders. A lot of people I know are so into it that they even have all these gadgets like heart rate monitors or whatever's there. If I were allowed to run, I'd probably just sport a nice Timex Ironman watch with the heart rate monitor (and a slew of other monitors) built in already.

For now I'll just have to be content with jogging. (Yeah right, like I even brisk-walk.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[Project Look Book] Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011

Oh, it's the blues today. No popular brands, just stuff I got from SM department store from way back. Maybe it's the blue and white stripes and the epaulets but this shirt just makes me feel like I'm on a cruise or something. Used to pair it with white jeans but unfortunately those don't fit me anymore. That would have been very cruise-like, Navy even.


The brown leather lace-ups are the only exception; got them from Zara. The toy watch, though not from SM, was pretty much inexpensive nonetheless. My Bibe got it for me from a seller on, I think.

That sign behind me, by the way, was what aggravated my temper yesterday. Sorry for the inconvenience. Yeah, right.

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 22, 2011

02 22a

And after...

All that trouble with "special"

I got this suspicious-looking package a few weeks ago:


But of course I knew what it was.

Monday, February 21, 2011

From hell morning to good morning

I was having a really crappy morning earlier - what with the crazy traffic, a-hole jeepney drivers, cars that carelessly want to get in your lane, and all that crap. Then when I arrived at the office, still unfinished building inspection works from over the weekend have left a mess. Dust was everywhere despite the janitor's lousy attempts at cleaning up the place. So my anger escalated even further.

Gay arrived later and handed me a paper bag. She promised me my morning's gonna be good. And what was inside...

[Project Look Book] Monday, Feb. 21, 2011

What can I do, it's Monday? I think that's what sums up this dorky pose. Yeah, it's the dork in me.


At least I ended the day in a good mood after a terrible morning. And I mean really terrible.


Shirt (Topman); bow tie (Tieline); shoes (Aldo).

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 21, 2011

02 21a

And after...

Lucky me, happy me

It was past 11 in the morning already but I still went to the Legaspi Sunday Market yesterday for none other than suman. At that point I wasn't expecting anything anymore given the trend (see related posts here and here) over the last couple of weeks with my carb craving.

But I guess it was my lucky day! And like there was no tomorrow, I hoarded a pile:


I also had the luxury of choosing from among variants offered (meaning, there were still a lot of them at that time). I skipped the Biko and Cassava and got these:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 19, 2011

02 19a

And after...

Pint-sized bomb sniffer

For the past two days I was happy to see this cute little pooch while he's "on duty" at the New World Hotel in Makati. Even coming from a stressful drive each morning, he was always able to make me smile, instantly lightening up my mood.


His name is Aero (I suppose that's how it's spelled) and he's part of the hotel's K-9 unit, sniffing out bombs or whatever danger from people's bags at the command of his handler. Not just cute but he was also very affectionate, silently begging to be pet. I couldn't get over him!


Aero reminds of yet another diminutive bomb-sniffer:

Friday, February 18, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, Feb. 18, 2011

I'm exploiting the last of two days where I get to enjoy airconditioning that works - away from the office. So after about a month since I bought it, I finally got to wear this coat from Topman (with a Paul Smith knit pullover underneath). Coats have always been a frustration for me in this tropical climate so please indulge me.


The jeans too are worn out of exploitation. Because they're tattered I can't wear them to the office. It's from Bonavita at Linea Italia, another "accident" on no less than New Year's! And because I was too lazy to change bags, I wore these brown leather lace-ups from Zara to match the former.


Besides, why would I want to change bags when it's special to me? After all, it was My Bibe's early Christmas gift to me last year. The odometer print and the multicolor striped bag tag are a giveaway. They scream Paul Smith.

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 18, 2011

02 18a

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

[Project Look Book] Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011

Okay, so after that unintentional grouchy expression yesterday (which turned out to be a premonition of sorts of my general mood the whole day - and night - yesterday), I'm in a more pleasant state today. Agree?


Maybe because I'm lucky to escape the super-sized oven that is our office for the next two days. I'm attending a training at the New World Hotel so it's nice to enjoy airconditioning that actually works. And for that reason, I got to wear a jacket! Yay!


The jacket's from Zara that I last wore about a month ago (see here). The knit pullover with the lengthy extension attached to the back of the neckline is from Topman. I like that you can play with it and create several looks out of it. Jeans, also Topman. And this beauty...


Perforated lace-ups from Zara. I like the quirkiness of its shape and the ombre effect.

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 17, 2011

02 17a

And after...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[Daily Doodle] Feb. 16, 2011

02 16a

And after...

See the signs

I'm happy to say that I haven't encountered any problems with our Nissan Grand Livina so far. Well, except for that one time when the battery was used up, which shouldn't count. I'm not good with cars and I would probably not have any inkling if I saw any of these signs on my dashboard (okay, maybe except for the first one since it's pretty obvious):

If you do and if you happen to be in the vicinity of San Diego, California (My Bibe's dad used to work there), you can try San Diego Auto Repair because you need to have your car checked. It's your car's check engine light telling you there's a problem. Of course, these CELs come in one form or another so it pays to be familiar with your vehicle, or better yet, to read the manual.

For our Livina, which we fondly call "Minitron," we're so loyal with Nissan Mantrade here in Makati. To me it makes sense. If I owned a Ford F-150, I'll probably stick with whatever Ford's service center is. Since I'm so clueless about mechanics I just am not comfortable with trying any other auto shop.

Now this reminds me, I should see when Minitron's next checkup is due.

[Project Look Book] Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2011

I just realized the irony of my expression here against the seemingly gleeful shirt I'm wearing today, like I was forced out of bed or something.


I feel like it's summer already with the floral and polka dot overlay. The fabric's also very thin, perfect for our still warm office. Got it from Oxygen.


And for footwear, I'm going metallic today with these faux-alligator leather shoes from Pedro:


The pants I got from SM. Eyeglasses, Kenneth Cole.
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