Thursday, February 24, 2011


GQ's March issue already went into wide release in the States last Feb. 22. So I expect it to be here already as well, or maybe towards the end of the week. Channing Tatum's on the cover (his second). And yeah, after pretty much enjoying every bit of it, Billy Ray Cyrus is complaining about Hannah Montana destroying his family. But I'm actually excited what the feature on South Park's creators are all about.

gq_2011 03

Problem is, I haven't even finished reading last month's issue yet:

And of the month before that:

And even before that. What usually are left behind are the magazine's lengthy articles, investigative and profiles alike. They're really good articles, I tell you, and I love reading them. But when I decide to start reading one, that means I gotta have time to spare. And so the backlog has piled up. Hopefully I clear some of them off over the weekend.


  1. Tell me about it, i have the same problem.

  2. don't forget to tell me about what happened to hannah montana ha once you've read it. hehe! :D


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