Monday, February 21, 2011

From hell morning to good morning

I was having a really crappy morning earlier - what with the crazy traffic, a-hole jeepney drivers, cars that carelessly want to get in your lane, and all that crap. Then when I arrived at the office, still unfinished building inspection works from over the weekend have left a mess. Dust was everywhere despite the janitor's lousy attempts at cleaning up the place. So my anger escalated even further.

Gay arrived later and handed me a paper bag. She promised me my morning's gonna be good. And what was inside...


Four sticks of Starbucks Via from the States! She knows I've been longing to try these flavors that aren't available here in the Philippines. And they're bigger than usual. Look:


My usual stick was instantly dwarfed by this Amboy but it's because of the additional flavoring. I've tried two already so far. So when I'm done with the other two, I'm gonna write about them (Update: already did; see post here), see if they're worth the hype. On second thought, I think the hype is only in my mind.

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