Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our pink (Pre-)Valentine

Without much thought My Bibe and I decided to avoid the crowd and celebrate Valentine's a day earlier. Nothing fancy, just a dinner at Nuvo, one of our favorite spots. When we arrived earlier to reserve a table...


...everything was so pink! Cute, yes. Besides, had it been red I wouldn't be surprised at all. I don't know but Greenbelt seems to be in on the pink as well. See these pink anthuriums, they're everywhere in the mall!


Back to Nuvo, as always we opted for their set dinner. And what's on the menu?


Since it was Valentine's, the set dinner was more expensive than usual. A glass of Mo√ęt & Chandon champagne came with each order, presumably to justify the price tag. Too bad My Bibe couldn't have alcohol because of her meds but I had it (truth be told, I miss beer more).


Maybe it's because of watching Iron Chef America and Top Chef I felt like giving a review. So here goes. We loved the salad, especially with the scallops and foie gras. I don't really eat liver but I love foie gras. The soup was underwhelming. With a watered-down texture I only tasted safron and pepper.


For the main course we chose the Angus steak since we basically come to Nuvo for steak. As usual it was tender but lacked some salt. I removed the horse radish crust (which wasn't a crust to me at all but a patty) because it was overpowering the steak, plus I'm not a fan of wasabi except in sushi and sashimi.


Dessert was supposedly okay had it not been for the blueberries they used that were a bit sour. Loved the rich strawberry sherbet on top, though.

Nevertheless, it was a relaxed and filling meal as always. You should try it, even if it ain't Valentine's. Their menu varies daily, and it'll be a lot cheaper on ordinary days. Perfect for a date.


To My Bibe Kwittie, Happy Valentine's! I love you so much!


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