Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Personal space

Watching Glee, I get used to scenes where I see lockers all the time, be it where students are slammed against by Sue Sylvester when she's on a rampage along the corridors, or Rachel Berry opening hers to look at photos and fantasize about her grand delusions of stardom.

But when I was in high school, I don't remember having one. Students had to carry all their stuff (bags, books, notebooks) with them all the time, which was such a burden. Our school was run by nuns so they probably wanted students to suffer in atonement for their sins, or to force them to stay inside the classroom at all times, something like that. I don't know of other schools, though.

I think a locker serves as a student's own personal space, where he can take refuge - even momentarily - from all the commotion around. In college, I recall there were metal lockers but they weren't for everybody. You had to rent one if you wanted one. As for me, didn't bother since I hardly brought anything with me to school anyway.

Today I sometimes wish we also had employee lockers in the office if only to lessen the amount of clutter I see, of which I also am guilty. Case in point, I have several jackets on my chair's back rest right now. I also have a lot of other stuff but since office space is a precious luxury, we manage to improvise with these:

rszfiling cabinets

Filing cabinets! Sweet!

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