Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pint-sized bomb sniffer

For the past two days I was happy to see this cute little pooch while he's "on duty" at the New World Hotel in Makati. Even coming from a stressful drive each morning, he was always able to make me smile, instantly lightening up my mood.


His name is Aero (I suppose that's how it's spelled) and he's part of the hotel's K-9 unit, sniffing out bombs or whatever danger from people's bags at the command of his handler. Not just cute but he was also very affectionate, silently begging to be pet. I couldn't get over him!


Aero reminds of yet another diminutive bomb-sniffer:


Scooby of Makati Shangri-la! No offense to Aero but Scooby is cuter, but that's just me. The latter is more playful and less attentive to his handler's commands. I maybe drawing conclusions here but I think Aero is more disciplined (pinatulan daw ang mga aso!). Case in point: it was more difficult to get Scooby to stay put, resulting in many a blurred photo like this one:


I'm amazed at these dogs, especially when I think of the huge burden on them of detecting danger - more so with their pint size. But not to worry, I believe they're well taken care of. Plus they work in shifts. In the afternoon, Aero is replaced by different dog, a much bigger black one. No sign at all that they're overworked.

But I still can't stop thinking of them. Fact is, I'm still smiling! I should stop. Now.


  1. awww... this is so cute! i love your animal posts! hahahaha! how's kwittieboy and foreman na? you should post a picture of their de-clawed paws. i keep wondering how that looks like.

  2. hmn... never thought about photographing their paws after de-clawing. good idea. thanks.


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