Friday, February 25, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, Feb. 25, 2011

So it's the EDSA Revolution's silver jubilee today. I expected a lot of yellow but alas, a lot of people in the office were clad in black! Just like me.


Okay, I feel kinda like Darth Maul or Darth Vader (before the mask) in that pic. Been playing with the extra fabric. But this is what I really looked like for the most part of the day at the office:

See the contrasting personalities? I look so tame there. Very much like a good boy. The shirt is Black Asuka that I got from sometime last year. What I love about it, apart from the draping in front, is that long stretch of fabric sewn from the shoulders. This is what it looks like if you just let it all hang there:

But what to do with it? Play with it, of course! Here's me like I was doing some magic tricks:

And whatever else I was thinking:

Paired it with Topman jeans and my favorite shining, shimmering silver sneakers from Zara. Watch from Aldo. Back to the shirt, that extra fabric sure is a lot of fun. You can twist it and put it over your head like this:

Or this:

Or ditch the twisting and just let it rest on your neck:

Or make a hoodie out of it:

The possibilities are limitless! (Okay, that might be an overstatement.) Happy weekend anyway!

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