Thursday, February 24, 2011

[Project Look Book] Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011

Pretty much a casual vibe today. Got to wear these trousers after a really long time. I remember getting them more than six years ago from U at Rustan's Makati. Yep, they've been with me even before My Bibe and I got together. And you might wonder how I've managed to fit in them considering the weight that I've put on over the years. It's stretch fabric, that's why.


I love the details on the pocket. They add some flair to what could have simply been boring brown pants. There's also a zipper on each side that serve no purpose at all. If you slide it down you'll see nothing but skin underneath.


Knit pullover (Topman); shoes (Frank at Traffic).


  1. d ko napansin yung pants mo yesterday but now that i saw it closer, ang ganda nga niya! or maybe it's because ikaw yung nagsusuot? keri mo kasi magsuot ng anything avant-garde. :)

  2. wow i can clearly see ur bulge ..... :) u're such a cute guy.. - from WSCRHADEM (twitter) *wink


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