Wednesday, February 16, 2011

See the signs

I'm happy to say that I haven't encountered any problems with our Nissan Grand Livina so far. Well, except for that one time when the battery was used up, which shouldn't count. I'm not good with cars and I would probably not have any inkling if I saw any of these signs on my dashboard (okay, maybe except for the first one since it's pretty obvious):

If you do and if you happen to be in the vicinity of San Diego, California (My Bibe's dad used to work there), you can try San Diego Auto Repair because you need to have your car checked. It's your car's check engine light telling you there's a problem. Of course, these CELs come in one form or another so it pays to be familiar with your vehicle, or better yet, to read the manual.

For our Livina, which we fondly call "Minitron," we're so loyal with Nissan Mantrade here in Makati. To me it makes sense. If I owned a Ford F-150, I'll probably stick with whatever Ford's service center is. Since I'm so clueless about mechanics I just am not comfortable with trying any other auto shop.

Now this reminds me, I should see when Minitron's next checkup is due.

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