Friday, February 4, 2011

Three kittens and a puppy

I really don't like going to the vet but when I'm there I enjoy looking (if not playing) with other people's pets. A few weeks ago while waiting for Kwittie Boy's and Foreman's turn, I was charmed by this Siberian husky, one of the breeds I wish I could have. Adorable, this pup. Had the chance to play with him a little.


Then came along a trio of kittens with gray and black tiger stripes. They're so cute they caught everyone's attention (see them after the jump).


The one in the middle is my favorite. He reminds me of Foreman: full of angst. He was very confrontational with the husky, hissing at him when the dog simply just wanted to play with them. Even after just a few moments, each feline's personality was evident. And they were consistent in all photos I took. Just look at this one; I told you he was high.


And they don't seem to have a problem with each other. I really envy people whose cats are in perfect harmony that they sleep together like this:


With our cats it's wishful thinking. As of writing this post, Foreman is in a relentless quest to terrorize Kwittie Boy, like he wants the fluffy cat out of the house. When will they ever get along?

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