Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today marks a special day for someone most dear to me - My Bibe.

This day is a celebration of her entry into this not-so-perfect world, without which, I wouldn't be with her right now to begin with. Without which I would be denied of the privilege of meeting her, of getting to know her, of witnessing how wonderful a person she is. Without which I wouldn't be this blessed to love and be loved by someone so selfless and with such a big heart. Without which I wouldn't have met my partner for life.

rszbibe mabanban
One of my favorite photos of My Bibe, this was taken in Mt. Mabanban back in January 2005 when both of us were still active in mountaineering. I borrowed someone else's camera to take this snapshot. Even in the least ideal of all circumstances - sun, heat and sweat while trekking - she truly is the glamazon that she is. And this photo says it all.

My Bibe is a gift. When I was pretty much coasting along life with no definite purpose, she afforded me a sense of direction. She inspired me. At work, I straightened myself up then got upgraded and promoted as a result. Without her, I would probably still be the stray dog that I was, wandering around aimlessly.

Of course My Bibe was there through thick and thin, especially thin. During what I call "my Makati Med episodes" - what with my near-death experience, ICU confinement, PTBD insertion and regular replacements, and my eventual surgery - she never left. She was at my bedside constantly telling me that she loves me if only to give me strength. She stayed and to this day continues to pray that I be well and healthy always.

I haven't been perfect with her, especially considering my temper and all. Yet she accepts me for who I am, shortcomings included (but I don't gloat about it; fact is, I should be ashamed). She loves me no matter what. And I love her no matter what.

And so this day is a cause for celebration, not only in thanksgiving for the gift of life God has blessed her with but also of the gift that is My Bibe.

To my one and only Bibe, a very happy birthday! May all your wishes come true because I know you truly deserve them. I love you!

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