Monday, April 11, 2011

Bag of Beans: a bag of disappointment

I've never tried Bag of Beans in Tagaytay until yesterday. Either I'm in the mood for something else or I simply forget about it whenever I'm there. Well, My Bibe, her dad and I finally gave it a try before heading home.


They had a buffet going on but we weren't that hungry so we went a la carte. We entered through the bakeshop and the smell of freshly baked bread instantly greeted us. A sucker for breads and baked goodies, I was pleased. Very pleased.

My Bibe and I both went for their all-day breakfast options. She chose pancakes with sausages and bacon while I ordered bread with bacon and eggs. Her dad opted for some pork chops. The place was nice, typical Tagaytay feel with all the wood and foliage around.


While waiting, we picked up some bread at their shop. The smell, after all, was pretty inviting. But our food was taking extremely long despite repeated follow-ups. Finally our drinks came. I was a tad underwhelmed with their coffee. Since I wasn't familiar with them I simply got their house brew. It's not really bad but I was expecting a lot - what with all the rave reviews this place has been getting. Good enough nonetheless.


Sadly, the food was an even greater disappointment. I mean, what could you honestly expect from bacon and eggs? But my main complaint was that my bacon was swimming in oil! Yes, bacon is fat but they could have at least drained them of oil. I had to move them out of the pool of oil and pat them dry with table napkins.


The pancakes weren't any good either. They were mushy and crumbly. Very unappetizing. The pork chops (very huge serving, by the way) was okay.


Thankfully the bread was good. But they really have to improve on their service; you know, speed things up a bit, train their crew better (pancake syrup doesn't remotely look or sound like Maggi or Knorr seasoning, does it?).

I'm not totally shunning Bag of Beans anytime soon. At least not yet. I'm still willing to give their buffet a try. Maybe the food's much better there. So let's see next time.

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