Thursday, April 14, 2011

CBCP meddles yet again

Why on earth did McDonald's yield to the CBCP, to a bunch of childless men (at least probably most of them) trying to teach us values, raising kids and all that? Apart from biblical teachings, what do they know about child-rearing?

I'm Catholic, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I think the Church is just meddling too much - with affairs of the state, the Reproductive Health Bill, and now a TVC.

Bishop Deogracias Yniguez of the CBCP said concerns centered on having very young children doing such an adult-themed commercial. Adult-themed? Do you really think so?

Besides, this thing about kids portraying adults is not new at all. For the life of me, kids have been doing this at school since time immemorial! Role playing has long been integrated into our educational system - even at church activities. You really think the story of Adam and Eve is not adult-themed? Isn't there nudity involved there?

If this is the Church's reasoning, then let's forbid children from playing adult roles - ever. No more cute little kids playing husband and wife, or Cinderella and some fairy godmother, or Joseph and Mary. Pull the plug from Going Bulilit as well!

That McDonald's TVC is cute, period. But I think the Indian version is much better, especially in the acting department. But still, cute.

Boo hoo to McDonald's for the pullout. Boo hoo to the CBCP for everything else.

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