Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crazy over espadrilles

So I bought some espadrilles yesterday. Okay, two pairs. Okay, and another pair today while stopping at Caltex along SLEX. Yes, three pairs and that's about it.


I wasn't initially into these rope-soled footwear basically because I find Php 2,500 to north of Php 3,000 quite expensive for a pair. But I did and do acknowledge the fact that they're THE footwear of summer. So yesterday was a blessing. At a mere Php 695 a pair (more than Php 700 for garterized designs), I wasn't about to pass up on the chance to finally get me some espadrilles. Haha!

This was the first one I got. I actually wanted the black stripes but they weren't available in my size. So I settled for light brown. They're still nice anyway. Wore them last night.


This was the second one. And I wore them today. Don't you just love the screaming colors? You don't? Well I do. That's why I got them.


And the newest addition - got them on the way home from Tagaytay just this afternoon. This design was also there at Petron yesterday but no size for me. But I believe it's meant to be since I found a pair that fit me. It's a sign. With that nautical feel to them, they're just perfect for summer.


But where exactly did I get them? I just said Petron and Caltex. I mean, I know this store and it's practically in every gasoline station along NLEX and SLEX. Okay, I'm not really sure if "every" is true. But anyhow, I finally asked the saleslady at Caltex what's the store's name. And amid the sea of footwear, bags, and hats - there was a sign after all.


One Town, One Product - OTOP. A bit corny, yeah, but I love them already. They specialize on native designs with loads of weaving involved. Even their footwear and ladies's pumps are woven (out of abaca I think). And with that expertise in the bag, crafting some espadrilles was easily the next thing they had to do that I'm glad they did.

It used to be just My Bibe buying footwear from this store - yes, during gasoline station stops. From what I remember, I'm sure that they're in at least three locations: Petron along SLEX (going to Laguna), Caltex also along SLEX (going to Manila), and Shell along NLEX (going to Clark, or Subic, wherever).


There's just a lot you can buy from this small a store, but which is predominantly for women.


How limited they may be, I'm still glad they finally have some items for men. For me.


Oh, and they know something about packaging, too. Your footwear purchase all come inside these purple dust bags:


Till our next stop?

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