Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hotel Kimberly: A Tagaytay escape away from the crowd

We stayed yet again at Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay for the third time in about a year. To me it's a fairly good place to stay - that is if you don't mind the location as it's relatively far from the "main Tagaytay" (basically that long stretch of road surrounding Taal Lake). Once you reach the forking road at the Petron station right after The Cliff House, you turn right, then take another right further down the road going to Alfonso, Cavite.

The hotel facade. Right across it is the spacious parking lot.

Hotel Kimberly sits on a considerably vast expanse of land, probably one of the reasons it was able to afford guests with a lot of space, parking lot included. Heck, it was even able to afford a mini-rotunda!

The front desk.

The lobby was bright and airy. I love the high ceilings and the tall windows, especially as you lounge with the cool Tagaytay breeze brushing your skin.

The hotel lobby. Nice tall ceilings.

But how are the rooms?

The premiere suite. Okay, the "suite" may be a bit of an overstatement.

Thankfully, the hotel's generosity with space wasn't just for show as the rooms were also quite spacious, each with a veranda. We got their premiere suite (with two queen-sized beds) during our first time there, and a superior room just last weekend (one queen-sized bed plus a roll-away bed for My Bibe's dad). And oh, each room has its own personal fridge. There was also free WiFi in the room.

On the downside, their coffee-making facility doesn't come with complimentary coffee. A bit stupid, right? [Update: I think this was more of a fluke than anything else because in our subsequent stays, they had packets of coffee, sugar and creamer in the room.]

The rain shower head, I must say, is not a regular fixture in all rooms. Never saw this again in our succeeding stays. But at least a bathtub stood in its place. Had a bad experience with a clogged drain last weekend but housekeeping and maintenance were quick to address the problem anyway.

The restaurant was just okay. Of course, I love it more in the outdoor section where the pool area is. At least on Saturdays (not sure on other days) there's a band playing at night for some entertainment.

The restaurant's outdoor section.

The hotel has two adjacent swimming pools, one of which is for the kids. My main complaint (which remains the same since my first time there) was that the pools were not well-maintained. You can see some dead leaves and grass sitting at the bottom, like they could really use some cleaning.

The pool area.

There's also this cabana sitting on top of a man-made pond right beside the pool. Used for events and functions, I guess. There's also a playground right by.

The cabana.

Cute trash bins.

A pink dragonfly. First time I saw one.

Though I would also want to try other hotels, when pressed with time and the occasional difficulty in finding rooms, it's nice to know I always have Hotel Kimberly as a fall-back.

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