Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is the magic still there?

I took this snapshot at Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday.


Cute, yes. Who wouldn't find little Eldar the Wizard (EK's official mascot) stuffed toys peering through windows cute? But looking at it again, I find the photo sad. It's like the toys are saying "Have you forgotten about us already?"


I honestly have been neglecting EK for some time now, especially because we're sort of guaranteed an annual visit, thanks to our company's yearly family day. It's like I'm so familiar with the park already that I'm not excited anymore.

But before there was Hogwarts, there was Enchanted Kingdom, which opened nearly 16 years ago on July 1995. Before there was Dumbledore, there was Eldar the Wizard, the park's official mascot.

The theme park was a hit with its "the magic is here" slogan. I remember just about every TV show at the time was taping summer specials at EK. I believe it's still a hit, though, judging from the fact that the park is still very much in business, opening new rides and attractions every time.

AWAY FROM THE WHEEL (Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines)
The Swan Lake with the Wheel of Fate (ferris wheel) in the background.

I vaguely remember my first time at EK. All I know was that I had a blast with repeated rides on the Space Shuttle. I also always liked Anchors Away, Rio Grande Rapids, and Jungle Log Jam. Years later - but before I even learned how to drive - I tried their kart racing. Nowadays, we simply drop by to eat, ride the ferris wheel perhaps, and buy some merchandise for nephews and nieces.

AHOY, PIRATES! (Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines)
The Anchors Away at dusk.

Although it's no Disneyland or Universal Studios, I still think Enchanted Kingdom is the best theme park we have in the Philippines. And I see the effort they put in spicing things up, in expanding. They now have karting for kids, ATV rides, some dinosaur-themed kiddie rides, a drop tower, an inflatable water park, and lots more.

THE WHEEL AGLOW (Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines)
The Wheel of Fate aglow at night.

I say the magic is still there. I guess it's just me who's lost touch with that magic. I think I need to once again step on the Space Shuttle, get wet in their Log Jam and Rapids, go karting, see and experience what's new, and have my picture taken with Eldar - so that yes, I can really say "the magic lives on."


  1. hehe! really not used to your "dramatic" posts that whenever you do one, i get so awwww! :D

  2. really? i just pity those little eldars.


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