Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cat fancy at Maquinit Hot Springs

It was still relatively early when we came back from our island-hopping around Coron. So My Bibe and I thought it would be nice to head to Maquinit Hot Springs to relax. We hired a tricycle for Php 300 that would take us there, wait for us, then take us home to our lodge. It was a bumpy 30-minute ride going there.

But before taking a dip in the hot pool, we helped ourselves to some junk food and iced tea. Then a cat came and begged for food. We were surprised he ate Cracklings, which has this vinegar-sour taste to it. After that, we opened a bag of Oishi prawn crackers. And it didn't take long before the scene became like this:


How could we resist them?


This one below was one especially sinister cat. Even if he was smaller than the others, he bullied his way around the other cats, pawing at their heads and hinds. It was obvious he wanted them out of his way so he could have all the dole-out food all to himself. How evil! Yet how can he be so cute?


He was always staring straight at us, with his right paw ready to swat the prawn crackers away from the others. Even if we intentionally gave it to another cat, he would still manage to steal it. So the poor orange kitty below (the worried-looking one under the bench) was displaced. We called him our favorite because he was the only one who was affectionate enough and allowed us to pet him.


I thought even Foreman or that feisty cat from Princess of Coron would be no match for him. He's just so dominant and aggressive. I guess it would be hell for these other cats to be living with him.


Oh well, it was time to take a dip. We each paid a Php 100 entrance fee after all, so we had to somehow get our money's worth. It's just always a pleasure to meet some animals wherever I go, especially when I get to interact with them.


  1. pretty kitties! they all looked "nice" in the photos. :) (this is Mar)

  2. hi, mar! they are nice, save for that particular one. grabe talaga ugali, ang sama. pero cute pa rin siyempre.


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