Thursday, July 28, 2011

Giveaway convenience

I was rummaging through my closet for something to wear for tomorrow when I came across this t-shirt:


It was our team's Christmas gift to ourselves and to everyone else in our department last year. But I haven't been able to wear it ever. I think it's because I was disappointed with it. What were supposedly bright neon colors in the design ended up as faded and washed-out letters when the shirts were delivered. Yes, they were obviously inspired by the t-shirts worn in Glee's season 2 pilot.

I was reminded of the not-so-easy task of finding good quality but affordable apparel, not to mention the right supplier to translate our design into reality. How I wished it were that easy, like a one-stop shop like, where you can find all sorts of promotional items for sale.

They've got all kinds of apparel from t-shirts to hoodies and caps. There are also bags, calendars, keychains, mugs, and calendars. And yes, they also offer customization of your orders like engraving and all that stuff. Best of all, it's so convenient because you shop online.

Although Christmas is nearly half a year away, I'm suddenly thinking of what could our gift could be this year. I want something to erase that disappointment of a t-shirt.


  1. nice tshirt!

    i have a webshop with some tshirts for men, I will design even more for men this fall.


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