Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking back at Phuket FantaSea: The restroom that made me smile

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I've decided I was done with my posts on Phuket FantaSea. But I just couldn't resist showing you an extraordinary restroom that had surely put a huge smile on my face. It was the restroom near the park's exit, and it was just downright charming. So see for yourself.

The signage outside the men's restroom. Funny, eh?

The ladies'. Of course I never saw what's inside. Looking back, I should have asked My Bibe to go back inside to take some pictures.

There's a separate one for the disabled, too.

The interiors were of native-farm inspiration, which was quite uncommon for me. Also, it was quite the contrary to all the gold and intricate details everywhere else in the park.

The restroom was very clean. And there was no one there, so I took my time.

The next set of photos show where the fun actually is. Surprise!

Take your time to take it all in. Yes, this is a restroom.

This handdryer is fully functional. Don't be fooled by all the cutesy accoutrements.

Cute little kitty on top of one of the faucets.

I really can't help but smile looking at them, even when washing my hands.

Even when I was doing my thing, it's hard not to smile with this in front of you. What's more, the random eye gestures were as if the water buffalos were in the midst of an inside joke, like they were reporting on each guest's package. But screw them!

Right till the end, Phuket FantaSea proved to be one hell of an amazing experience. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Phuket.

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