Thursday, August 4, 2011

[Project Look Book] Thursday, August 4, 2011

The string of rainy days finally came to a halt today. And while it's been bright and sunny outside, the air conditioning in the office was unusually cold today -- and I loved it!


I know there are people who disagree or who are just not into it, but today's outfit is a black and brown combination. Yes, I dared. And truth be told, it's not really an issue for me, this black with brown thing.

The black pullover is from Giordano, the brown pants from Dansen at SM Department Store, and the brown leather lace-ups are from Zara. The light brown jacket is a really old one. The tag says "Hallway," and I remember I got it from such a store in Market! Market!  The necklace is Aldo. See more photos after the jump.


So anyone's got an issue with combining black with brown? Or brown with black?


  1. nice blazer!

    Please take a minute and come to my blog to help me win, thanks

  2. Dear his appearance is perfect! I love all your Looks, everything you wear is very beautiful on you!

    also loved the selection of colors, which in my opinion it was perfect!

    Loved the post!

    kisses and hugs!


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