Monday, August 22, 2011

[Project Look Book - Weekend] Sunday, August 21, 2011

This was what I wore to the mall yesterday. My Bibe and I almost didnt' feel like going anymore because it was raining and we just wanted to stay in bed the whole day. It's "bed weather" as they say. But we had to because we needed to buy cat food and cat litter. These cats, we're not really their masters; they are.

Despite the rain, it still felt humid so I wore my new Aztec tank from Topman. Paired it with Topman black jeans (hems folded) and Zara black sneaks. The beads are also from Topman. (Geez! That's a lot of Topman, I realized.)


And after maybe three weeks in the repair shop, I finally got our car back last Saturday. It feels good to be driving again.


  1. Hrrm, I wonder if Topshop might have such a top available for me... I want!

  2. not sure, though. but hey, who knows? i say, go check out. :)


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