Tuesday, September 27, 2011

At home with nothing to do

Electricity has just been restored about two hours ago in our place. My Bibe and I spent the whole day at home today, mostly in bed (it's bed weather as they say). I knew there was a typhoon coming but I never got the impression that it was going to hit Metro Manila as hard as it did earlier.

I woke up this morning to heavy rains and howling winds. Soon enough, the power went off, leaving us with nothing to do but eat, sleep, sit, check how it is outside... My Bibe was able to do some office work, though, until the laptop batteries were drained.

Typhoon Pedring - Roxas Blvd.
Anyone would enjoy seeing the sunset at Manila Bay, but not this.

Despite not being able to watch the news, we got some updates from people via SMS. My Bibe's dad told her that his place was flooded neck-deep. We also learned that the whole length of Roxas Boulevard in Manila was flooded. Five-star hotel Sofitel along Manila Bay was also partially flooded. Heck, even the U.S. Embassy was flooded! Reportedly, there have already been evacuations there earlier.

The U.S. Embassy in Manila.

Geez, just two years ago typhoon Ketsana (locally named Ondoy) literally flooded the whole Metro. Ondoy just had its anniversary last Monday and here comes Nesat (locally named Pedring). I just hope everybody's okay.


  1. Do hope all are safe! Amazing photos!

  2. back to work already, david.
    the photos aren't mine, though.
    but if you click them, you'll be directed to the source.


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