Saturday, September 10, 2011

[Project Look Book] Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday. Finally!


Our boss treated the whole team to a buffet dinner at Dad's in Glorietta 4 earlier this evening. I believe I've had more than my fair share of tuna sashimi and California maki that I had to have coffee the minute I arrived home. It was fun, I must say. And I hope that all the crazy things we shared in the spirit of fun will indeed bear fruit.

Moving on to today's outfit, I pulled out this old shirt from my closet. It's from Artwork and I had it for many years now. It's got some Chinese characters on it that supposedly mean "lion." I know I'm no Gryffindor but I couldn't find one with a snake then. Anyway, I believe I was drawn primarily to the shirt's color, then the fit. Err, about the fit, that applied way back then because nowadays I'm forced to suck it all in, which is quite difficult after having a buffet dinner.


The shirt also has a huge print at the back, which I like a lot. I paired the shirt with Penshoppe jeans, Topman boat shoes, and a red belt from Polo Ralph Lauren. The watch is just more like a toy watch, nothing special.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


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