Monday, September 19, 2011

[Project Look Book] Monday, September 19, 2011

I started the week tired rather than refreshed. I don't know, I had a relaxing weekend with My Bibe in Tagaytay but the mere thought of Monday has somehow erased all of it instantaneously.

Now enough with the rambling and on with today's outfit. It's a floral ensemble today. Very summery, you might say but it is perennially summer here in the Philippines. While autumn has already fallen on many parts of the world, we have it uncomfortably hot back here. And even the few rain showers that visit us don't do much at all to cool us down.


You'll notice me with a bag in this post. I realized I haven't been including bags in my photos. Well, that's mainly because I normally have my pictures indoors instead of on the streets (I don't have that much time). Today I thought, what the heck, I'm gonna carry my bag with me!


The bag's Topman, a gift from the love of my life, My Bibe. I really like it and I actually have been using it since Friday. I had to edit the stuff that I carry with me, though, because there's not much space. I don't want it to be bulging from all that crap I put inside.

The floral shirt is from Oxygen, which I paired with brown pants from Dansen at SM Department Store and brown leather lace-ups from Zara. Yeah, I'm so brown again.


Have a good week ahead, everyone!


  1. That shirt is brilliant. The dots give it an almost textural quality

  2. i haven't really thought about that. but now you've mentioned it, yeah, it does lend the shirt a textural feel. thank you!


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