Saturday, April 28, 2012

Teddy Bear is falling down!

Oh no, a bear is falling from a tree! Yes, it is!

falling bear_crop

I saw this photo yesterday over at Yahoo! and despite the fact that the bear was falling, it was just the cutest thing ever! I can bravely say that because it wasn't really a gory ending for the bear. Here's the whole picture:

falling bear

The bear had reportedly wandered around a university campus in Colorado and eventually climbed a tree. It had to be tranquilized but only after authorities had assured the bear of a safe landing. You can read the full story here.

Although I can't stop gushing about all the cuteness here, I know I'd run as far away as possible if I'd come face to face with a bear. I'm just glad to know he's safe.

UPDATE (05.04.2012): The bear just died. It was struck by two cars in a highway accident. So sad.


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