Friday, April 20, 2012

Tyra Banks in Rajo Laurel and hope for Filipino fashion designers

Queen of smizing Tyra Banks yesterday posted a photo of her on Facebook wearing a gown by Filipino designer Rajo Laurel. As to be expected, it becomes news here in the Philippines because apart from our propensity to take pride in even the slightest touch of Filipino in just about everything in the international arena, this country hasn't really made a noticeable mark in the fashion world as yet. Come to think of it, has any Filipino designer at all made it big in the global fashion circuit? [Apparently, I forgot about Monique Lhuillier. Thanks to 'Life's a shoe' for pointing that out.]

The Philippines is a third-world country that no one probably really cares about. As such, any attention or exposure, no matter how small, tickles that Pinoy pride and is voluntarily harped about (Look at what I'm doing!). We Filipinos bask in it.

tyra in rajo laurel
Tyra in Rajo Laurel. The gown was part of Laurel's "Insects" series and was first shown in a September 2008 fashion show.

Nevertheless, news bits such as this are an encouraging sign that maybe, even inch by inch, Filipino designers are finally getting some recognition. Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco was already able to showcase some of his designs in at least two seasons of America's Next Top Model. So has Oliver Tolentino. Bench Body. And just last month Tyra herself wore a Francis Libiran creation to the 4th Annual Blossom Ball in New York and elicited a lot of approval for her look.

tyra in francis libiran
Tyra in Francis Libiran at the 4th Annual Blossom Ball in New York.

Hopefully the ball keeps rolling and the odds be ever in our favor. Happy Hunger Games!


  1. She is gorgeous, such a pretty face :)

  2. WAW, Tyra she's just perfect !


  3. there is actually a filipino designer who's already made it big in the international fashion circuit : Cebuana Monique Lhuillier! It's cool seeing international celebrities wearing pinoy designers though!

    1. oh yeah! i missed that one. but thanks for reminding me :)

  4. Also Pia Gladys Perey's designed collection showcased already in LA.


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