Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 Personal theories on why Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley

So the uproar over Manny Pacquiao's loss to Timothy Bradley. So people were crying foul and believing Pacquiao was robbed. So everyone, celebrities included, vented their frustration online. So Filipinos tried to comfort each other with a Twitter hashtag (#mannypacquiaoisstilltheworldsbestboxer). So the memes followed. Now the topic has ceased to trend and everything is back to normal -- for now.


But why did Pacquiao lose? I had a dream last night that he would lose (seriously, I tweeted this before the fight) but I don't think of myself as a seer. I was hard at thought, and here are 10 theories of mine on the real reason behind Manny Pacquiao's heartbreaking loss to Timothy Bradley:

10. The judges simply rectified the error made last November 2011 when the decision was handed in favor of Pacquiao over Juan Manuel Marquez. Better late than never.

9. Pacquiao was so upset over the Celtics's loss to the Heat he wasn't able to focus. He probably lost a really huge bet.

8. His recent spiritual awakening took away some of Pacquiao's usual fierceness in the ring. Mauling someone is against the Bible, right? On the contrary, it was Bradley who showed some brotherly love. That persistent hugging? Who then found favor in the Lord Thy God now?

7. Gays the world over overwhelmed Mommy Dionesia's prayers by praying much, much harder against Pacman. Heck, they prayed loud!

6. Jessica Sanchez, who lost to Philip Philips in American Idol, was a jinx.

5. Pacman was still reeling from Claudine Barretto's punches. The two just had an altercation at the airport because the boxer was caught videotaping the actress while checking her underarms.

4. The CIA was secretly at work to bring down the Filipinos's spirits and hopefully reverse the 6.4% GDP growth it just posted in the first quarter. If anyone's economy was growing, it should be America's and America's alone.

3. The Chinese government bribed the judges.

2. In Noynoy Aquino's meeting with Barack Obama, Obama agreed to help the Philippines against China only if Bradley was allowed to win.

1. It was not Manny Pacquiao fighting anymore; the real Pacquiao was abducted by aliens.

So what's your theory?


  1. interesting thoughts

  2. This was one incredible fight! I am still shocked that Pacquiao lost! Great post!

    Please let me know if you would like to follow each other.


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