Saturday, June 16, 2012

Red Coconut Beach Hotel: Surprisingly, I loved it!

Red Coconut Beach Hotel has been around for a very long time now, and I've passed by it countless times already while walking aimlessly in Boracay. But for some unexplained reason, I've always shunned it every time I look for a place to stay on the island. And I honestly don't know why.

The hotel's facade, which overlooked the pool and the lovely beach beyond that.

Last week, however, in a slight mode of panic brought about by a last-minute, spur-of-the-moment decision to go to Boracay, I finally succumbed to booking a room there. I availed of a package from a travel agency but all of the hotels I shortlisted were booked, and I was left with Red Coconut. Shucks, I thought. So I checked in with no expectations whatsoever. But lo and behold, I loved it there! Let me break it all down for you.

Check-in / check-out
The front desk staff were so efficient that checking in and out were both a breeze. As with most hotels, standard check-in time is 2pm but since we arrived early, our room wasn't ready yet. However, even before that time, they were kind enough to inform us while we were waiting at the restaurant that our room was ready. I've never experienced such a gesture from any hotel ever; normally they'd just wait for you to come back. And cheesy as it may, this is how they welcome their guests checking in on any given day:

Yayks! My name was on display! Cheesy but cute.

There's an indoor restaurant where daily buffet breakfast is served but most diners choose to sit in the open-air section fronting the beach. Apart from having a fantastic view of the beach, people-watching can also be entertaining here. They also have an air-conditioned coffee shop on one side and a bar on the opposite end, which was packed the morning of Manny Pacquiao's boxing match with Timothy Bradley. Yes, they showed it live.

At night, they set more tables up along the beach for a real beach-side dining experience. And at least on Saturday night, there was some entertainment courtesy of an acoustic duo. Food wasn't the best but it wasn't really bad either. I did like their tomato soup with basil, though. Service was fast and the waiters are polite and attentive here.

My Bibe with the open-air restaurant in the background.

The bar was packed as patrons witnessed Pacquiao's loss to Bradley.

Other amenities
Like I mentioned, there's a pool here. But who wants one when you've got a gorgeous beach right in front of you? Red Coconut has some sunbeds for guests that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Beach towels are provided and I think you can also borrow some flotation devices. I also like it that there's a security guard around keeping an eye on us and presumably on our things. He's also quick to shoo away pesky hawkers who wander into the area.

Lovely weather, eh? This is where the sunbeds are, which also give way to more dining tables at night. The bamboo structure in view is commonplace in Boracay during the monsoon season when winds can be uncomfortably strong.

Our room
We got a deluxe room, and it was really huge although rectangular in shape. Even for the generous space alone, we loved it already. There are two queen-sized beds, a couch and a table in front of the flat screen TV, a vanity beside it, a personal fridge, a closet, and a safe. You can actually do cartwheels here! There's also a porch outside with some seating.

The porch, with a rack for drying your clothes on one side.

Huge room, I told you.

The entrance section, or the living area, if you may.

The bathroom. The sink wasn't tiled, though. Instead, it's made of some plastic material but I didn't care.

Probably the only thing I didn't like about the room was the kitschy decor. But then again, it's no big deal.

Maybe they could replace the painted wood carvings with some photo frames instead because this style just looks too old.

Overall, I found Red Coconut to be a great place to stay in Boracay. Apart from its beachfront location, it's also just a few steps away from D'Mall. The food may not be that great but the staff deliver efficient service. And of course, the rooms are huge! I think I'm booking a room here again on my next visit.


  1. What a beautiful place!

  2. nice outfit!!

    Have a nice weekend!

    J. Héctor

  3. Hi, this hotel is fantastic!!! I like it. Your look is very good. Kisses.

  4. Oh wow, everything looks so great *_*

  5. Great outfit! There's must be a so nice place!

    Have a good week-end! Gwen & Seg

  6. Nice place! an unforgettable holiday !


  7. You match with the exterior nice colors!

  8. Looks like a cool place :)

    Hope you enjoyed it! ;)

  9. awesome outfit! this place looks amazing:)

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