Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera: A must-see (Manila run extended!)

My Bibe and I finally caught Andrew Lloyd Webber's celebrated The Phantom of the Opera at the CCP last Sunday, and I haven't really gotten rid of the tunes in my head ever since. It's no secret that the musical is one helluva masterpiece but to get to watch it and experience it firsthand is just a totally different thing on many levels. It was purely awesome!

Entering the theater, it was already palpable from the the stage alone -- even with the curtains closed -- that this was going to be a spectacular production. We're definitely fortunate that the Phantom is being staged here in Manila not as a local production but as part of an international tour, where nothing is compromised in terms of production value. (I know some local artists are decrying the onslaught of all these foreign acts and productions but hey, if you can come up with something like this, we just might pay to watch you. Give us something worth watching.)

A view of the stage during the break. 

I had goosebumps from the Overture alone. As that familiar Phantom theme played and the famous chandelier was lit and slowly suspended in midair, we were also given a glimpse into what a labyrinth the stage was. The late Maria Björnson's set design was truly a masterpiece. I was always in awe at how complicated it was -- what with those multiple ornate set pieces -- and yet at the same time, how seamless the transitions were between the sets. One minute we're at the opera, then in a blink of an eye we're backstage, then we're in Christine's room, then we're in the Phantom's lair, then there was just more and more and more...whew! Precision timing, people!

phantom 01
The underground lake scene, when Christine is whisked away from her room by the Phantom. [Photo source]

The cast was great and their voices, simply flawless. I always have high regard for such singer-actors who perform these demanding live shows nearly every single day and yet still manage to keep their voices in tiptop shape because my voice tires easily that I probably couldn't do a full concert (as if!).

Meanwhile, my Bibe was gushing at how handsome the Phantom was, played by Jonathan Roxmouth. I loved the bit of grit in his voice, which is something I prefer for the role over a perfectly operatic tenor. Not surprisingly, he received the loudest cheers from the crowd at the curtain call.

phantom_jonathan roxmouth
Jonathan Roxmouth as the Phantom. [Photo source]

Claire Lyon, who played the female lead Christine, was just as great. Even when she was hitting the high notes, I could still understand the words. Anthony Downing likewise did justice to Raoul. But of course we were on the Phantom's side. Andrea Creighton as the diva lead soprano Carlotta was a true opera singer. Her voice was so powerful although I had some trouble understanding the lyrics. Nonetheless, she was great and rightfully received a healthy amount of cheers from the crowd as well.

phantom_claire lyon
Claire Lyon as Christine. [Photo source]

phantom_anthony downing
Anthony Downing as Raoul. [Photo source]

Phantom is definitely something you shouldn't miss. Some may balk at the high ticket prices but I tell you that from what I saw, they do have every right to charge such amounts. The show is worth every peso you pay. At a good 2 hours and 35 minutes (with a 20-minute intermission), and with a spectacular production and an excellent ensemble, you won't feel shortchanged at all. We're even contemplating on watching it again. It's that good!

And good news, the musical just seems to keep extending its Manila run! They've just added 16 more shows until October 14. I say go book your tickets now to get good seats. From what I just checked, there's still excellent seat availability on Sept. 18 through 21, and beyond those dates.

Screen shot 2012-09-04 at 11.08.27 PM
Screen shot of seat availability as of 11:08 PM, Sept. 4, 2012.



  1. Looks like a great show, I love this kind of shows! Such a magical experience

  2. I love it. Have already seen it twice in London and Germany :) The price is really worth it!!


  3. i love your blog!
    new follower,visit my blog
    bye Carmen :)

  4. Wow!!! this is an amazing opera!!! so cool you went to see it ;)


  5. "In sleep he sang to me..." Love the Phantom of the Opera...amazing musical...thanks for commenting on my blog..I was browsing through yours and loved it..I find so many new things...and that´s something I really like...totally got yourself a new follower...you are more than welcome to follow back if you like.

    The Black Label

  6. i saw it a long time ago and it was incredible!!


  7. One of my favorite plays EVER! Thank you for visiting my blog! Means the world to me, following you now on Bloglovin and GFC!Please follow back on both and Let’s stay connected! Have an amazing week!

  8. This is a very nice and interesting opera. I really love it. Great photos.

  9. lovely!!! I need to go see it!!


    1. you should go see it if you have the chance.

  10. The Phantom of the Opera is the one of my favorite plays ever. The scene looks great.

  11. Hi there! We're running a petition to bring back Jonathan Roxmouth to Manila and thought you might be interested to join. The petition can be found here: http://bit.ly/bringjonback. Thanks and more power to your blog!


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