Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Misibis Bay in photos: Our villa and other accommodation options

After showing you around the resort, I'm now letting you in our villa at Misibis Bay Resort. We got a premiere villa for our recent holiday and my, was it gorgeous! Still expensive for me, but truth be told, it's already one of the cheaper accommodation options in this resort.

01 DSC_5095
The view of the room upon entering the door.

Premiere villa
At 50 sqm, the room was definitely spacious. It had a king-sized bed, a daybed tucked into a glass-paneled section that protruded from the villa, and a small table for two in case you wanted room service.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Misibis Bay in photos: The resort grounds, its beaches and pools

I'm finally done sifting through photos from our recent holiday in Misibis Bay, and I'm now ready to share them. It's quite a lot, though, so I'm doing this in parts. Also, this isn't a review of the place (I'm saving that for last) but a mere showcase of snapshots from our trip. In this post, featured are the sprawling resort in general, how's the beach (beaches, actually), and the resort's three major swimming pools.

The resort grounds
Misibis Bay Resort is one sprawling property but the main resort area where the villas, the pools, the restaurant, and the main beach are occupies only part of it; so negotiating your way around remains easily manageable with just a walk. But since the resort promises luxury, you can always insist on a golf cart to take you around.

01 DSC_5284
One of the resort's three main pools, with the restaurant and indoor activity center in the background.

Simply put, the resort is beautiful, with nearly every spot begging to be photographed. The lawns are perfectly manicured, and in spite of having a lot of wide, open spaces, there are still a lot of trees around to provide shade. Likewise, winding concrete pathways snake around the property, making virtually every spot accessible by golf carts.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

[Lookbook 11.18-20.2012] A quick holiday

We just came home from a quick holiday in Misibis Bay in the Bicol region. There were lots of things to do at the resort but then I also just wanted to sleep. That said, our two-night stay just wasn't enough. Oh well, here's a quick outfit post from our trip.

Day 1

I was so brown for our flight. Yes, the brown-and-white striped espadrilles literally matched my brown printed tee and khaki shorts but I picked it because I didn't want to bring any other footwear. I wanted something that would go along with just about anything I put on. What I intended to wear on our trip going there would have to be the same shoes I will wear going home.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2: Nothing but one vapid, extended AVP

So yesterday I had to watch the final installment in the Twilight series with My Bibe. I wasn't really expecting anything but my, oh my, was it one extended piece of nothing but fluff.

breaking dawn 2

Spoilers be damned but the two-hour film went just like this: Bella was getting acquainted with her new life as a vampire, the Volturi got wind of Renesmee, the Cullens embarked on a worldwide search for "witnesses," an imaginary fight ensued, and then everyone went home.

And oh, what followed was an extended audio-visual presentation (AVP) showing all the cast members since the first Twilight movie, much like how local teleseryes do it in their final episode.

[Lookbook 11.11.2012] The black hole effect


Last week I attended a colleague's wedding (which I rarely do) and this was what I wore. No, it's not a funeral. Believe me, it's a wedding. Everyone invited was requested to wear black, that's why. So I pulled on an all-black getup -- shirt, suit, bow tie and shoes. And oh, yes, sunnies since it was an outdoor wedding and the sun was still too bright.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

All the fashionable Christmas goodies under one roof

Now that Halloween's over, the next big holiday everyone's looking forward to is Christmas. While Halloween spells costumes and candies, Christmas means presents. Oh yeah!

One really fashionable piece I'm lusting after at the moment is this gorgeous Michael Kors watch below. Despite the busyness, this watch still has that classic appeal that I love. Of course, that gorgeous leather strap also helps.


And there are more of these Michael Kors watches (both for him and for her) from premium fashion retailer Van Mildert, with styles that come in silver, gold, rose gold, white, and even tortoise.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rihanna sexes up GQ this December 2012

GQ Magazine's annual Men of the Year issue is here once again. As has been tradition, this issue has multiple covers and bestows upon individuals such titles as Movie Star of the Year and Filmmaker of the Year, to name a few. And my, oh my, does Rihanna know how to sizzle and show why she is GQ's Obsession of the Year (though I personally don't like her that much)!

GQ_december 2012_rihanna

Magic Mike star Channing Tatum is also in one of the covers, but unlike Ri-Ri, he's not stripping this time (although he seems to be teasing the ladies with his smirk). Tatum has been accorded the title "Movie Star of the Year." Meanwhile, actor-filmmaker Ben Affleck, whose recent film, Argo, has been enjoying both critical and box office success, has been named "Filmmaker of the Year."

Monday, November 12, 2012

Alfred Dunhill: Classic British luxury

Despite no longer being 100% British-owned, men's luxury brand Alfred Dunhill has remained as British as ever through all these years. The brand has wisely steered clear of the trendy and the whimsical, and has instead stayed true to its classic style.

Today Alfred Dunhill offers a wide selection of shirts, suits, coats, ties, knitwear, and other pieces of clothing. More so, it boasts of a fine choice of leather from stylish wallets and belts, to everything from bags, luggage, and even iPad cases.

A glimpse into their latest lookbook reveals a very dapper gentleman -- very James Bond.

dunhill 01
dunhill 02

Curiously, Alfred Dunhill and James Bond have once shared a longstanding connection because a number of the brand's pieces have been used in several 007 films before all the way from the Sean Connery era up to Pierce Brosnan. Bond may not have been suited up by Dunhill but rather, the suave spy had been using Dunhill lighters and cufflinks in the films.

Making our Halloween family costumes

More than a week after Halloween I still get compliments for our cute costumes, more so for our little trippy family portrait. At the office the other week, when Halloween celebrations were in full swing, we got everything from cute to creepy. We took them all as compliments anyway. Equally gratifying was that I managed to scare a number of kids and grownups alike. Haha! It was but another of our little fun-filled mini-endeavors now over and now relegated to objects of reminiscing.

Also, I still get questions on where we got them or how we made them. For the record, we made them.


My Bibe got the idea from a blog (I'll have to ask her the URL), which she found cute. Of course I did, too. There was no arguing, and we instantly were set on our Halloween costumes. What's more fun was that the cats were going to be part of the whole thing.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Got some swag?

I've gotten a lot of it already, that impression that I'm someone with a much higher position than I actually have. It flatters me, to be honest.

In other instances I get mistaken for someone from Marketing when I'm actually an auditor. I remember in one of our John Maxwell leadership seminars, our facilitator, Francis Kong, even kept on asking me if I was sure I was an auditor. Are auditors really that uncool?


In retrospect, my initial thought has always been if it's the way I dress, because I do put a premium on dressing up. You can say that feeling good by dressing good is my motto of sorts. I occasionally put on a tie or a bow tie, or even wear a suit when nobody else in our office would, except for executives. I always believe that people treat you a lot better when you dress better. Let's be honest, people can be very judgmental. I mean, would you instantly trust someone who's lousily dressed and who's selling you real estate or insurance, for example?

But more than the outfit, I think it's the confidence -- or better yet, the swag. It's the appearance, the style, or simply the way one presents himself. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) even acknowledges that having swag can be beneficial to oneself, especially in dealings with clients and the like. NLP even teaches you how to get swag!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

[Lookbook 11.07.2012] Metal-slapped


Glad to be wearing these boots yesterday. I'm just happy with the design, the texture in the leather, and those two pieces of metal slapped onto the shoes. They're very stylish, yes, but more importantly, they're quite inexpensive. Seriously, they're really cheap.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

[Review] 'Skyfall' doesn't feel much like a Bond film

Agent 007's latest outing has been heaping praise and at the same time raking in money at the international box office (it has yet to be shown in the U.S.). And rightfully so! I daresay that Skyfall is one of the best Bond movies ever made in the franchise's 50-year, 23-film history.

skyfall 01
Daniel Craig as James Bond. [Source]

Since the 1960's, we all know James Bond to be this suave secret agent with a license to kill. Always perfectly dressed, he's got all the coolest cars and gadgets, and always gets to bed the most gorgeous of women with nary an effort. Bond had single-handedly made being a spy aspirational and such a cool occupation.

But the world has changed a great lot since then, and director Sam Mendes has pretty much put this premise front and center, even questioning MI6's relevance in today's world where no one even knows who the enemy is anymore. With cyberterrorism and all, how can Bond keep up? I have to stop myself here to preclude myself from unwittingly giving away spoilers. Suffice it to say that the film puts espionage, especially where secret agents are fielded all around the globe, on the table for examination. With a plot like this, coupled with less cool and a lot less cheese, I sometimes forget that I'm watching a Bond film.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FRAGRANCE | Is Dolce & Gabbana's 'The One' really the one?

I finally am using the bottle of Dolce & Gabbana's The One that Kwittiegirl gifted me last September. I've been trying really hard to restrain myself from opening it because I promised myself that there should be no more than three scents in rotation at any given time. Glad that I succeeded, though.


Packed in one really heavy bottle, The One is a very masculine but wearable scent. It starts off with a slightly sweet and citrusy smell before finally revealing its warm and woody base. It figures, because it lists cedar wood, ambergris, and tobacco as its base notes. Nonetheless, despite its deep scent, this EDT doesn't come off as too heavy or overpowering. Like I said, it's very wearable, even in a tropical climate.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween family portrait: Goldilocks and the three bears

So last Halloween I showed up to work as some kind of a fashionable bear, and I had a blast! But I was just one of three bears with a little kid named Goldilocks. Yup, this was our theme for Halloween with My Bibe and the cats. Presenting...Goldilocks and the Three Bears!


I was Papa Bear, My Bibe was Mama Bear, our fluffy white cat Kwittie Boy was Baby Bear, and our little black cat Foreman was Goldilocks. I kept telling him that he was the first black Goldilocks, that he should be proud.
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