Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FRAGRANCE | Is Dolce & Gabbana's 'The One' really the one?

I finally am using the bottle of Dolce & Gabbana's The One that Kwittiegirl gifted me last September. I've been trying really hard to restrain myself from opening it because I promised myself that there should be no more than three scents in rotation at any given time. Glad that I succeeded, though.


Packed in one really heavy bottle, The One is a very masculine but wearable scent. It starts off with a slightly sweet and citrusy smell before finally revealing its warm and woody base. It figures, because it lists cedar wood, ambergris, and tobacco as its base notes. Nonetheless, despite its deep scent, this EDT doesn't come off as too heavy or overpowering. Like I said, it's very wearable, even in a tropical climate.


My main--and probably only--beef with The One is its lack of staying power. It literally doesn't last long that I find myself spritzing it several times throughout the day, which is such a shame since a local brand like Hayden Amber Woods and Rose Petals does a far more decent job.

So is The One the one scent to rule them all? Hardly. Overall, though, it's a great scent that I recommend. However, because of its projection and longevity issues, I think its best bought when on sale. At least then you wouldn't be too miffed that the scent disappears too quickly.


  1. Hey :) thank you thank you thank you so much for all your nice comments!!! It´s alway a pleasure to read nice words ;)
    xoxo Lola

  2. nice fragance
    sure you like so much


    1. like i said, my issue is its vanishing act.

  3. It's a nice, I like this one more then a female version :D

  4. Nice fragance and love the design of the bottle, not my favorite but a very good one in my opinion!

  5. Not a big fan but love the packaging...

  6. I love it!!! very masculine!



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