Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An awesome and relaxing Misibis Bay sunset cruise

I've always had a thing for sunsets, be it in Manila Bay, Bolinao, Boracay, or Sugar Beach. Watching the sun retreat into the horizon is almost always a glorious sight to behold. Now throw in Mt. Mayon into the picture, and how awesome can it get?

The glorious Mayon Volcano in the distance.

With Mayon's near-perfect cone juxtaposed with the setting sun, our recent sunset cruise proved to be a really great experience.

A fishing boat exiting the Sula Channel.

We booked a sunset cruise on our Misibis Bay holiday in November. The resort could no longer get a whole boat for us (which would cost us Php 3,660), so they asked if we were okay with joining another group. We didn't mind, but luckily for us, that group of seven flaked out at the last minute and so we had the boat all to ourselves. Yay!

I don't know what type of boat it was but it felt like a speedboat type. The sea wasn't placid at all but it wasn't really rough either. It was also the perfect timing because the sun came out in between periods of rain.

My Bibe and I enjoying the experience.

We cruised along Cagraray Island up to the mouth of the Sula Channel, which was already a great vantage point to just stare at Mt. Mayon. Along the way, it was just relaxing to look at the lush, hilly landscape of Cagraray. Everything was still so green! And I hope it stays that way. We also spotted a few small caves carved out on limestone rocks by the sea.

Such a lush landscape. Do you see the small caves in the distance?

We stopped just outside the mouth of the Sula Channel, and our boat was just bobbing in the sea, as if lulling us to sleep. The sun was perfect that day although I felt it set so quickly. Nonetheless, it was beautiful. We also waited for some clouds to clear, hoping we could get a good view of Mayon Volcano.

Beautiful sunset.

Even the afterglow was beautiful.

Playing boat captain. What a poser!

At first Mt. Mayon was obscured by clouds -- which is the usual case actually -- but then the clouds started to part, gradually revealing the majestic volcano. I never tire of looking at her.

She's beautiful, even from a distance, isn't she?

We went into the Sula Channel, which practically separates Cagraray Island from the Bicol mainland. The resort staff with us pointed to us the old facilities where a cable car used to operate, which, I think, they should bring back. Apart from transporting people across, it's also an added attraction, no question.

Such a postcard-perfect spot for fishing, don't you think?

The old barge that used to ferry vehicles across the water was still there. This used to be the way to Misibis Bay, and still was at the time the Amazing Race Philippines was taping. Today, though, there's a bridge that connects the island to the mainland.

The old barge. It was already getting dark, so the photo's kinda grainy.

There you go. I just wanted to share these photos but if ever you get to stay at Misibis Bay Resort, do book a sunset cruise (Two of my newlywed colleagues just did!). It's a great and relaxing experience.


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  1. Heartbreaking images ....Are u two living on Paradise or what???
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. These photos are beautiful. Fantastics landscapes.
    Happy new year! I wish you all the best in 2013.

  3. Amazing pictures, wish I were there...Hmmm, actually no, I'm lying :) I'm enjoying our New Year's snow. Happy holidays!

  4. GREAT pix....love the ones with the Mayon Volcano in the background.

  5. WOW look like a paradise, hope you enjoy this new year

    Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!

  6. Oh, wow, the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen!
    P.s. happy new year :)


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