Sunday, March 3, 2013

From desktop to mobile with ease

While many of us spend considerable time in front of our PCs or Macs, we also access the internet a lot on our mobile phones and tablets. Come to think of it, we may even be spending more time on mobile than in front of a computer! Given this premise, I'm sure all of you have come across websites that appear on your phone exactly the same way as they are displayed on a regular computer, which is kinda annoying, right? Everything loads a lot slower and you need to zoom in just to read the text.

I'm not an IT guy, nor do I know coding, but I know that websites need mobile versions to fit into our phones and tablets much better, and make everything else much faster. However, it's one thing to make a website and another to come up with a mobile version, let alone multiple mobile versions. Your iPhone version certainly won't fit into your Samsung Galaxy S3 or even your iPad. But how to do it if you're not much of a programming geek?

I came across this India-based startup called Mobstac that allows anyone to create mobile websites with ease. It's a mobile publishing cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with your website and makes your content accessible to mobile devices and tablets. So you only publish content once, and the company takes care of everything else. A unified dashboard likewise allows you to manage all these different versions of the same content with ease.

Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 5.36.11 PM
A sample illustration of how a website looks on a desktop/Mac, and then on a tablet and on a mobile phone. (

Signing up for individual publishers is free. They do cater to enterprises as well but as with all premium services, scope of work and other deliverables are discussed with the client further. I believe it's a really cool service, though, and it addresses a specific need in the internet publishing market.

There's a lot more you can learn about Mobstac, including its profile, product, and happy customers. Just head over to their website.


  1. Cool blog :)

    A chic kiss ;)

  2. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing this info.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. very very nice my dear!

  4. Websites definitely need mobile versions! Kasi naman, going mobile na halos lahat, ilang months lang, labas naman ng new version ng cellphone, grabeh lang ah!

  5. Thank you for sharing...this is also the reason why I'm torn between the new ipad or should i get the big one:) kc with the new release ipad para ang liit ng website pages and you still need to zoom but the size matters most i guess..pero iwan..bahala na c batman hahahaha!

    1. oh, i didn't know websites don't work that well with the mini. good to know. it's handier, though.


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