Friday, April 12, 2013

Beating the summer heat with homemade paletas and ice pops

Ever since we came back from our short getaway at Pico de Loro Cove, My Bibe has been steadily making us paletas, those Latin American ice pops made from fresh fruit. Blame it on the sweltering summer heat but I am definitely one happy guy at home.

A healthier alternative to ice cream, paletas are fairly easy to make. It's basically just mixing stuff, freeze them, and voila! Here are some of what we've been enjoying so far:

Diced mangoes, preserved cherries, mangosteen juice, and a few greens for color.

We have these cutesy popsicle molds but lately we've been leaning more towards paper cups because they allow for bigger servings.

Same combination as in the first photo but much bigger yield. Yeah!

Prepping up some papaya, waiting for the calamansi juice to be poured over them.

My Bibe also did a batch with milk, cream, and coffee powder, with bits of chocolate and preserved cherries at the base, which would become the top when eaten. Technically, though, this isn't a paleta but just good o'l ice pop.

Papaya bits in sweetened calamansi juice, with a few greens added for color. The mold and paper cups were also lined with honey for added sweetness.

Sweetened lemon juice with candied lemons, probably my favorite so far because it's just so light and refreshing.

Mashed ripe mangoes with melted chocolate at the base and on the sides. Pure mangoes were used with just a little water added. The chocolate was just leftovers sitting in the fridge and quickly melted in the microwave, and then poured over the empty cups. The same liquid-form chocolate was spread around the sides of the cup to form a coat.

Orange, peach and apricot juice with fresh strawberries on top and strawberry jam at the base.

The possible combinations of fruits and juices are endless. Don't be afraid to experiment and go make yourself one now!


  1. These paletas look so delicious. It is just ice with fruits and a bit sugar? And then you freeze it in? I'd like to try this, too.

    World of Plastic

  2. Uhmm how abtt he consistency Sir? Is it like ice candy? Does it become bland after freezing it? Oh if I only have a ref here in Manila I'll definitely try this one. Ang init init talaga..

    1. depends on how concentrated is your juice, which is why i tell her to sweeten it a bit more since it has a tendency to lose flavor because of the ice.

  3. that sounds good I've never seen it before !

  4. Looks yummy, my dear.

    Have a Great Weekend ^__^


  5. Wow this looks yummie and sounds easy to do.
    I will try it

  6. want it)))
    lovely and amazing!

  7. it must be have a good taste and freshly nutritious!

  8. These are all so really yummy, but no, no summer heat in Greece. Not yet...
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  9. I want to eat that!

    Nacho Aznar

  10. omg! That looks so delicious!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  11. Oh wow, I want! You basically just put them in the freezer, right?

  12. YUM! Looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait till the weather gets hot here in San Francisco so I can make something similar! :)


  13. Looks so good!


    Pirate Hart

  14. very very nice my dear!!:)


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