Thursday, April 4, 2013

[Throwback (Travel) Thursdays 04.04.2013] Trek to the crater of Pinatubo

This week I'm taking a retrospective look at my mountaineering days. Back in March 2005, we at the Smart Mountaineering Club organized an open climb to Mt. Pinatubo, that infamous volcano that, in 1991, produced the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century and sent humungous amounts of aerosol into the atmosphere, which resulted in a drop of 0.5°Celsius in global temperatures. The havoc wreaked by the eruption stretched on for years.

Eventually the destructive lahar flows have eased and Mt. Pinatubo has since become a tourist attraction with its lahar canyons and picturesque lake at the crater. While today the norm is to hop on board 4X4 vehicles all the way to the foot of the crater, at the time hiking was still prevalent. It wasn't much of a climb, as the slopes were extremely gradual, hardly noticeable in fact. And so we dubbed that activity "Trek to the Crater of Pinatubo," or TCP.

2013 04 04_trek to the crater of pinatubo 01
It's a desert out here, framed by fragile and ever-eroding lahar canyons.

We were on jeepneys until about halfway to the crater, at which point we continued on foot and under the punishing March sun. The views were splendid although I wondered how much longer the canyons will exist given the constant erosion (it's just sand after all) that is accelerated further during the rainy season.

2013 04 04_trek to the crater of pinatubo 02
All smiles even under the sun and in the midst of this desert-like landscape.

At the time camping overnight was still allowed. Today it's all day trips and camping is no more unless you can secure a special permit from the local government. Nonetheless, the sight of the crater lake alone is something to look forward to.

2013 04 04_trek to the crater of pinatubo 03
Following the eruption, water soon filled up the caldera and a magnificent lake was formed.

2013 04 04_trek to the crater of pinatubo 04
Me by the edge of the lake the morning after.

2013 04 04_trek to the crater of pinatubo 05
Me taking it all in. Such a glorious view!

2013 04 04_trek to the crater of pinatubo 06
Me clowning around with My Bibe.

Maybe I should go visit Pinatubo once again some time. How about you, have you been there yet?

Interested? There's no shortage of operators everywhere offering organized tours to Pinatubo, and you can find them all online.


  1. awesome pictures! The island of Luzon is amazing!

  2. Such beautiful place...fantastic photos!thanks for sharing:)

  3. awesome pictures!!! LOVE LOVE ;)
    A hug!


  4. I´ve never been there...I could give it a try (not much of the outdoors type of guy) its stunning.

    The Black Label

    1. you should try the outdoors sometimes.

  5. Awesome photos :) I've been wanting to go there! Will probably visit the crater when it's not so hot anymore. The weather's too hot to hike up the volcano!

    1. but you shouldn't go there during the rainy season either. it's not safe.

  6. Great pictures. I hope I can visit the place too.. Soon.. :)

    i626leo || Gebet und Arbeit

  7. very very nice my dear!:)

  8. Hey,
    I hope you had a great time. Always enjoy to read your posts. Keep it up!
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  9. ooh wow. been wanting to visit this

  10. This place is so so beautiful!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  11. These photos are awesome! What type of camera do you use?

    1. thanks! these are old photos from a kodak kb-10 point and shoot. just scanned the prints.


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