Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Impetus Beachwear 2013: Mostly boxers on the beach

Last year I posted about Portuguese brand Impetus and its 2012 Beachwear Collection, which I liked a lot. So I looked up what they have in store this year and was a tad underwhelmed. Last year's collection was just wow while this year had me thinking about boxer shorts. Maybe it's just me but a lot of their pieces this year look like boxers to me more than swim shorts. To be fair, I still love that they're cut short, way above the knee.

impetus beachwear 2013_01
This one I kinda like although it may resemble gym shorts if you really look at it.

impetus beachwear 2013_02
This one may be my favorite of the bunch. I like the seersucker-like stripe pattern and that black band around the waist.

impetus beachwear 2013_03
Not a lot of florals in this collection but this one here looks just fine.

impetus beachwear 2013_04
I like the print on this one.

impetus beachwear 2013_05
Didn't I tell you they look like boxers?

impetus beachwear 2013_06
This may very well be worn in the bedroom. But I'm torn since I kinda like the color and the print.

To check the entire 2013 beachwear catalog, click here.


  1. Well what can i say? I am looking at the boxers only. Who is this guy???
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. WOW great guy on the photos! ♥
    Kisses, Berries

  3. Wow I was looking the guy not the boxers LOL
    following you now!! looking forward for your next post! :)


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