Sunday, June 9, 2013

Running shoes: The other half of the battle?

I seriously need to get into some physical activity and whip myself into shape for I am so FAT right now. And then I remembered our boss talking about asking someone how he did it, get into running. That guy said first, you have to imagine that you're already running, which means half the battle is already won.

Now if half the battle is already won by constantly thinking you're already running (mind conditioning, I guess), the other half must be the shoes. But that's just me.


So with a myriad of men's running shoes in the market, just how does one settle for a pair? Should the uninitiated like me just go for style? I guess it won't hurt to go that route given that brands like Nike and Asics don't just make shoes that look good, they're fully functional and well-engineered as well.

Nike, for instance, offers Nike Free, which promises ultimate flexibility and an authentic barefoot feel. The line has three different cushioning options that dictate the level of flexibility one can enjoy. These shoes can even bend all the way back from tip to heel. There's also the Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ that's supposed to be really lightweight and snug that fits like a sock.

Mizuno, on the other hand, has some seriously colorful shoes, perfect for those who want to show some flair. There's the Wave Rider, one of the brand's most iconic running shoes, back with a new generation that's lighter and faster, and with improved shock absorption. Midfoot runners, meanwhile, can rejoice in its Wave EVO line.

Meanwhile, Asics also has a lot of really cool options, with pieces that feature their Magic Sole for improved ventilation, and WetGrip Outsole to ensure traction even on wet surfaces.

Now that I've been imagining myself already running and I've got the shoes, why am I still not running? Something's not right with the equation.


  1. The very thought of running makes me nervous.

    / Avy

  2. Running + Happy holy = Amazing!! Hehehe

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