Thursday, August 1, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 08.01.2013] The first officer without a captain

It was sad news learning that there was a bombing in Cagayan de Oro last weekend. Having been there a couple of times already, I have such fond memories of the city. I've already attended their fiesta at least once, been to Mapawa Nature Park, tried whitewater rafting, sampled out several restaurants and night spots, and basically just had fun each time. It's a nice and peaceful city, so such an act of terror was of course very upsetting.

After work, or if I simply wanted to take a break, I would often find myself in some coffee shop right across the Limketkai Mall, where there was also this cool restaurant called P. Joe's Diner.

2013 08 01_pilot at cdo diner 01

So that's me flying an old plane in the dead of night and with the captain nowhere to be found. It may not be a fully functional plane but I'm pretty sure all those gauges and other parts are real, salvaged probably from an old plane. And oh, this was at P. Joe's back in May 2004.

2013 08 01_pilot at cdo diner 02

That's the plane I "flew." Well, it's just half an airplane jutting out of the facade of the diner but it's pretty cool, huh? P. Joe's being a diner, they served typical comfort diner food from pancakes to burgers and buffalo wings. I just enjoyed eating there because of the added attraction of that faux aircraft, along with loads of other vintage memorabilia, mostly related to flight. What I don't know, however, is if the place is still open.

2013 08 01_pilot at cdo diner 03
What an imposing yet fun facade, don't you think?

2013 08 01_pilot at cdo diner 04
Inside the hull. But where are the seat belts?

from 6600
The restaurant's facade was complete with an air traffic control tower. Inside, there were toy planes that hung from the ceilings.

from 66001
The diner interiors. Pardon the ugly resolution; these were from a Nokia 6600.

Just one of my wonderful memories of CDO, however mundane. I pray that justice be served and peace and order be upheld at all times. God be with you.


  1. Wow , nice restaurant !! !!!


  2. amazing place!!!!! fantastic!


  3. I've had so many dreams about flying, and some about falling through space.



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