Thursday, August 29, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 08.29.2013] Recruitment through pictures

So they say that a picture paints a thousand words, which is why photographs have always proven powerful tools in recruiting new members for our mountaineering club. The visual impact is immediate and enticing. And though I'm no longer an active member, I'm glad that the Smart Mountaineering Club has continued on what we've started some nine years ago and is now recruiting for its 8th batch of trainees.

The recruitment booth active members have set up at our lobby -- replete with pictures, a tent, and other camping gear -- reminds me of exhibits past. These here are photos taken from my phone back in June 2005 (which explains the lousy resolution) when we were setting up a photo exhibit to recruit a new batch of trainees, the club's 2nd actually.

tbt 2013 08 29_smc exhibit 2003_01
A slice of the finished product. I must say that the photos really got a lot of people excited back then.

tbt 2013 08 29_smc exhibit 2003_02
Posing by an exhibit panel, trying to play cute.

However, mounting an exhibit is no walk in the park, and selecting the photos is arguably the most daunting task of it all. We had to sift through a lot, both digital and prints, and we also had to decide which ones to print which size, as we didn't want them to be all of the same size. That would have been boring.

tbt 2013 08 29_smc exhibit 2003_03
Oh yes, everyone was so thin back then. Shortlisting photos and making the final selection was intense.

We also didn't want to just paste everything on the panels, so there was a thought process involved. We had to visualize how the arrangement of the panels would look like, then decide on the layout of each panel, with consideration given to where foot traffic will be coming from. Yes, we were that "OC!"

tbt 2013 08 29_smc exhibit 2003_04
Visualizing how the panels would be positioned.

tbt 2013 08 29_smc exhibit 2003_05
And then came the panels.

It's always nice to reminisce how well-received that exhibit was. It was all well worth the effort, especially since we got a good number of people who signed up for the club.

tbt 2013 08 29_smc exhibit 2003_06
Me and My Bibe, standing proud of our and our fellow club members's efforts.

To the Smart Mountaineering Club, good luck on the recruitment and I hope you get a good number of signups. More power to the club. Mabuhay ang mga SMCnoy!

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  1. hehe... I never used to tend a photo galerry... maybe I should :P
    funny pics ;)
    xoxo from Munich


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