Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wrong Ramen: A very wrong decision

I forgot about this already until I tried freeing up space on my phone and saw photos of our first and only visit there. It was towards the end of July and while My Bibe and I were at the BGC area, we decided to try Wrong Ramen at Burgos Circle. We had high expectations given their audacity to declare that their ramen sucks and that it was better for people to try to verify.

The waiting list was loooong. It was close to 6pm and we were 12th or so on the list. The hostess said it would probably take an hour before we get seated. Since we weren't that hungry yet, we took the wait list and checked out the stores nearby. An hour has passed and we were still 4th or so when I came to check. It probably took another 30 minutes before we finally got seated.

Wrong Ramen's "F.U. Ramen;" an absolute letdown.

The interiors were typical Japanese-themed and the menu was very streamlined. Because of its limited offerings, I can't imagine any first-timer being overwhelmed. Service didn't take too long, which only befuddled me even more with why it took us forever to get a table (er, counter facing the window).

Because of my attraction to breakfast food like eggs and bacon, plus anything with lots of black pepper in it, I ordered the F.U. Ramen, which was quite pricey at Php 425. Unfortunately, it did not live up to the price. It was extremely salty. I understand that Spam and bacon can pack up on salt but I trusted their chef to balance it all out. Boy was I so wrong! It was just so wrong!

My Bibe, on the other hand, got a Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu (Php 385), with a thick, milky, and rich broth. It is much better than the F.U. Ramen disaster but it isn't really great either. So much for the hype. This ramen, however, has a lighter version at Php 290.

Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu; a slightly better option over the F.U. Ramen.

For drinks, we both got their sweet potato iced tea (at around Php 100 or so), which had a cute pinkish color. It was an interesting drink although I don't think I'd be craving for it any time soon either.

Sweet potato iced tea.

Overall, Wrong Ramen was an epic disaster. I waited for an hour and a half for nothing but salt; totally not worth it. While service was fairly good, the food was not. With the price this establishment commands, I'd say it's totally overrated. Don't waste your time waiting.

If it's any consolation, I thought these salt and pepper shakers were cute:



  1. Love the batteries "salt & pepper" huauhuhahua

  2. Sweet potato iced tea that looks more like pink lemonade....I don't get it. Odd.

  3. yummy ! ;)

  4. I will never go to this place. Never.......
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  5. Nice batteries !!!!!!


  6. I had a similar problem here in italy. It was a japanese restaurant but it was run by chinese people:( the prices were OK but the food terrible! pepper shakers anywway are very cute:( regards from italy, Andrea

  7. I haven't tried this place 'cause I hear it was always full.


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