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Alindra Villa's Terracotta rooms and pool villas: An attempt at fusing traditional with modern

After showing you the ethnic villas at Alindra Villa, I'm taking you to this property's other two compounds: the Terracotta compound housing their more modern rooms and suites, and the back compound where the swanky pool villas are found.

The Terracotta compound open grounds.

The Terracotta Compound
As with the front compound, this area has an open lawn at the center. We were told that this space is also used as a venue for parties and other events. Surrounding it is a two-story building where the Terracotta rooms and suites are located. There's a restaurant on the ground floor but which, unfortunately, we haven't checked out. There are also an open-air terrace and two lounge areas upstairs for guests.

One of two lounging areas. This one's right outside the Terracotta suite.

As modern as this section looks, the owner has still managed to inject some traditional touches, like these old furniture here.

The other lounging area on the opposite end. Don't you just love that traditional Indonesian day bed?

Instead of more rooms, there's just lots of open spaces here at Alindra. You're always sure to find a quiet spot somewhere.

Spiral staircase leading up to the terrace.

The corridor right outside the Terracotta rooms, with windows that open up to a lovely view down below.

The Terracotta Rooms
You'd think there are a lot of rooms here but no, there are only two of these Terracotta rooms. With a normal bedding arrangement of six single beds in a 40sqm space, these rooms are ideal for groups. Arrangements can be made, however, to have only four or even two beds.

A peek inside one of the Terracotta rooms.

Although probably the most basic of Alindra's accommodation options, this room is pretty much complete with all the necessary amenities including a coffee and tea-making facility, cabinets, but no TV. The bathroom, however, has two showers and two toilets. I told you it's ideal for those traveling in a group.

The Terracotta suites
There are two suites: the Terracotta Suite and the Terracotta Prime Suite. We have only been shown the Prime Suite but from what we learned, both rooms have king-size beds and the amenities are identical. The only differences are that being the bigger room at 50sqm (versus 40sqm for the Terracotta Suite), the Terracotta Prime Suite has a separate living area complete with sofa and a coffee table.

The Terracotta Prime Suite. The wood carving installations and old furniture lend that traditional feel to the otherwise modern room.

The same Terracotta Prime Suite, view from the bed.

The pool villas
Alindra has three pool villas: Junior Pool Villa, Royal Pool Villa, and Grand Pool Villa. Unfortunately, we have only seen the Grand Pool Villa, but it is the largest of them all with a whopping 1,000sqm of space! Apart from having a 45sqm private pool with an adjacent kiddie pool and a jacuzzi, this villa has a huge open ground carpeted with perfectly manicured grass.

Yes, this open garden is still part of the Grand Pool Villa. There's the pool in the background.

The Grand Pool Villa enjoys a spacious porch fronting the pool, an equally spacious indoor living area, an outdoor kitchen, and a dining area for four. It also has a modern interpretation of a bale bengong, which is something you can liken to a lanai or a cabana, only this one's of a more ornate traditional Indonesian architecture.

Other standard amenities present in other villas like TVs, fridge, tea and coffee-making facilities, etc. are also found here although the master bedroom boasts of a BOSE entertainment system.

The indoor living area.

The living area from another angle.

The kitchen. Not bad, huh!

There are two bedrooms and both are really huge you can do cartwheels without worrying about tripping off furniture. Both are fitted with king-size beds and en-suite bathrooms complete with bathtub and separate shower rooms and toilets.

One of the bedrooms. I'm just not sure if this is the master or if it's the other one.

The same bedroom from another angle. The room opens up to the bale bengong.

The other bedroom.

Space is clearly not an issue here. A peek at the bathtub in one of the rooms.

Another view of the bathroom.

Despite being wowed by all that space, I just feel that the Grand Pool Villa lacks character, or traditional Balinese or Indonesian touches to be exact. I mean, it's not bad. In fact, it's really...wow! I just think that maybe the owner could have added a few more traditional elements here and there to lend maybe a bit more warmth to the place.

Though I haven't seen the other two pool villas, based on the photos on their website, I actually like them more than this one.

The Grand Pool Villa may be a tad too modern but it's still a show-stopper nonetheless.

The other two villas basically share identical features and amenities as the Grand Pool Villa--everything from two bedrooms to the bale bengong--except that they have much less space. The Junior Pool Villa "only" has 450sqm of space while the Royal Pool Villa has 550sqm.

A common area right outside the Grand Pool Villa's enclosure.

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