Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bali's Geger Beach: Where sunbathers converge

In the posh resort area of Nusa Dua in Bali, not all hotels are on a beachfront property and such was the case with our second hotel while in the island, Mantra Nusa Dua. Not to worry, however, since these hotels have special access to a nice little patch of cream-colored sand called Geger Beach.

Yeah, life's a bitch. I mean, beach.

A five-minute ride from Mantra, Geger Beach is several meters from the main road bound by the gargantuan resort The Mulia on one side and the exclusive St Regis on the other. In between are a few residential homes, concession stands, and other structures.

The beach here is nice and wide but unlike Jimbaran Beach up north, Geger is much less chaotic. Apart from being a perfect and relatively quiet spot for sun worshippers like me, it's also a safe place for swimming because there's a break in the distance that neutralizes the usually strong waves of Bali.

It's mostly sand out here with a consistency much like Jimbaran's but with a few rocky surfaces in the water. Even when the sun was in full blast, the breeze remained pleasantly cool, as did the water.

Perfect weather at Geger Beach.

Most people who go here are working up their tans.

Huge waves in the distance, but are thankfully diluted by the break.

Geger is a public beach but it's regulated. Along the beach are rows of beach umbrellas and sun beds that are designated for guests of certain hotels like Mantra. Each umbrella comes with two sun beds, a table, and a trash receptacle. Further behind is a concession stand that serves food and drinks, while walking around are uniformed ladies offering massages to tourists. Kayaks and other equipment can also be rented for a fee.

Despite the number of umbrellas and sun beds, it doesn't feel crowded at all here.

One of our hotel's umbrellas.

Boy was I excited to see they sold San Mig Light here! Although I had to limit myself to just one bottle because of my medical condition.

As the tide continued to ebb, I decided to take a stroll, leaving my backpack with the people at the concession stand and with only my camera in tow. The sand felt really good on my feet and it was nice to just walk at a leisurely pace and see different stuff along the way.

The tide gave way to more sand. It's really wide!

Footprints in the sand. Literally.

Looking back at how far I've gotten so far.

The St Regis, nice kites flying in the wind.

12geger beach
Loved the kite designs, which unfortunately, reminds me that I'm incapable of making even a simple one.

Further north, the beach winds into a cove where resorts like the Grand Hyatt Bali are.

People are sure not to bump into one another here, what with how wide the beach is.

The tides converge at this point, creating waves so close to shore.

Not all is lost to commerce here, though, as I was glad to spot a couple of fisherfolk going about their usual thing.

The receding tide does carve out some simple yet interesting landscapes.

Lovers HHWW (holding hands while walking) on the beach. Aww...

The mega resort of The Mulia. I could only wonder how it looks like inside those walls.

And oh, I spotted a wedding at the St Regis. Paparazzi mode!

Umbrellas now folded, it's time to call it a day.

The next day I squeezed in a short trip back to Geger Beach. The weather was still perfect as ever and I was happy to spot a nice, big dog named Cindy.

Cindy playing fetch.

Then Cindy just rolls in the sand with nary a care in the world.

Then of course she shakes it all off.

Seeing dogs on the beach never fails to put a smile on my face.

And best of all, I've made friends with her. Such a sweet dog.

I'm sure I'll find myself again here someday. Soon.


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