Thursday, October 31, 2013

[Throwback Thursday 10.31.2013] Angels and demons: I'm the new angel in town

Being just three years ago, this doesn't sound like a veritable throwback post but I'm going ahead anyway since it's Halloween and the post is about Halloween.


So three years ago today I wore this at the office while celebrations were in full swing. Our department went for a heaven and earth theme where half of the floor space was designated as heaven and the other half hell. Unfortunately I was assigned to heaven and I dreaded dressing up as an angel. That is until I thought of a compromise.

Our dear Kwittie Boy had these small angel wings for a costume from way back, so I borrowed them. Then I plastered two bandages on my forehead, replete with fake blood still seeping through them. The idea was that I was once a devil who had just been converted to an angel. (Hey, if Lucifer was a fallen angel, why can't there be an ascended demon or something?) The bandages were supposedly meant to cover the wounds from my horns that were cut off and the wings were still small because they were just starting to grow. Perfect!

Oh, I'm such an angel :)

With my teammates.

My former colleagues in hell were trying to win me back from the clutches of good.

It was fun. I think we were all required to wear something that resembled an angel/demon and there was a fine for those who fail to comply. And we had to wear it all day! So it was quite amusing to see colleagues in a meeting or in a huddle with their bosses garbed in some heaven or hell thing. Here are some "paparazzi shots:"

2013 10 31_angels and demons (halloween 2010)

I always enjoy the little effort I put in wearing some sort of costume for Halloween but it sure is much more fun when everyone is doing so as well.


Happy Halloween, everyone!

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